A Lesson in History

Balboa Stadium Was A True Auto Racing Castle

KICKING UP DIRT: Midgets round the north turn at San Diego's Balboa Stadium. (Radbruch Collection Courtesy Bob Lawrence Photo) Located barely a mile from...

Panch Remembered For Daytona Win, Bad Crash

A lot of people who know Marvin Panch are convinced that a spectacular crash in a 1963 road race (now the Rolex 24 At...

Doubleheaders Were Once A Way Of Life

During the early days of NASCAR racing, doubleheader weekends were quite common

Parnelli To Be Turkey Night Grand Marshal

Parnelli Jones will be the grand marshal for the 74th running of the Turkey Night Grand Prix on Nov. 27 at Perris Auto Speedway

Cannonball Baker’s Racing Legacy Lives On

Cannonball Baker is an iconic name in the annals of motorcycle racing. The early 20th century rider was one of the sport’s first true heroes, possessing a celebrity that transcended his field of endeavor. His renown was such that President Herbert Hoover once said, “More people know Cannonball’s name than mine!”

Joe Silnes Was One True Race Car Artisan

FAMOUS CAR: Basement Bessie was one of Joe Silne's most popular creations. (Bob Gates Collection Photo) At a time when hand forming metal was...

The Rose Bowl Is Known For More Than Just Football

CONTACT: Two cars get a little too close for comfort during roadster racing at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., in 1947. (Radbruch Collection...

Foyt Remained An Offy Loyalist Despite Chevy’s Horsepower

Reams have been written about A.J. Foyt’s phenomenal racing success. His expertise, talent and accomplishments have been extolled by many, known by legions.

Californian Bill Cantrell Was A Versatile Winning Racer

BIG-TIME WINNER: Bill Cantrell prepares to hit the race track at Orange Show Stadium in San Bernardino, Calif. (Radbruch Collection Courtesy Bob Lawrence Photo)...

Banjo Matthews Carries Unique NASCAR Legacy

“When Banjo first came around, he wore a pair of glasses that were so thick, it made everyone, on first impression, think of a ‘banjo,’” said legendary car owner-car builder Bud Moore of Spartanburg, S.C.

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