USAC MIDGETS: Tri-City Speedway

Kyle Larson celebrates winning the Gold Crown Nationals at Tri-City Speedway Saturday night. (Don Figler photo)

Mopar USAC National Midget Series, Tri-City Speedway, Pontoon Beach, Ill., Oct. 6, 2012

First Heat (8 laps): Darren Hagen, Bryan Clauson, Brady Bacon, Zach Daum, Jerry Coons Jr., Tim Buckwalter, Brendan Bright, Taylor Ferns, Tyler Robbins, Isaac Chapple.

Second Heat (8 laps): Kyle Larson, Brad Kuhn, Nick Wean, Brad Sweet, Dalton Armstrong, Riley Emmel, Chase Barber, John Campbell, Daron Clayton.

Third Heat (8 laps): Caleb Armstrong, Tracy Hines, Boby East, Dave Darland, Rico Abreu, Alex Bright, Colten Cottle, Kent Schmidt, Ryan Criswell, Danny Frye.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Davey Ray, Hunter Schuerenberg, Chris Windom, Andy Malpocker, Steve Buckwalter, Thomas Meseraull, Casey Shuman, Tyler Courtney, Austin Burke, Gavin Galbraith.

First Qualifying Race (8 laps): Clauson, Hines, Bacon, A. Bright, Darland, Courtney, D. Armstrong, Emmel.

Second Qualifying Race (8 laps): Larson, Windom, Kuhn, Meseraull, Malpocker, Wean, Burke, Schmidt, Barber, Chapple.

Third Qualifying Race (8 laps): Coons, Abreu, D. Ray, East, S. Buckwalter, Cottle, B. Bright, Ferns, Campbell, Galbraith.

Fourth Qualifying Race (8 laps): Sweet, Hagen, T. Buckwalter, Daum, Schuerenberg, C. Armstrong, Shuman, Frye, R. Ray.

Dash (6 laps): Abreu, Clauson, Hagen, Larson, Sweet, Bacon, Hines, D. Ray.

First B Main (12 laps): Coons, Meseraull, Windom, C. Armstrong, S. Buckwalter, Schuerenberg, Wean, B. Bright, Cottle, Ferns, Shuman, Galbraith, Frye, Clayton.

Second B Main (12 laps): Darland, A. Bright, Daum, Kuhn, T. Buckwalter, East, Barber, Malpocker, Courtney, Burke, Emmel, D. Armstrong, Schmidt, Chapple.

Feature (50 laps): Larson, Coons, Sweet, Kuhn, Abreu, Darland, Windom, T. Buckwalter, Hines, Ray, Courtney, Schuerenberg, Cottle, East, Malpocker, Bacon, Meseraull, S. Buckwalter, Daum, Bright, C. Armstrong, Barber, Hagen, Wean, Clauson, Bright.


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