SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This

A Tweet from Jason Johnson Racing after this year's Knoxville Nationals tops the September edition of Twitter Me This.

Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from September 2019.

Dominic Scelzi (DominicScelzi41): At dinner tonight all I kept doing was checking out this guy with perfect hair at the table next to me. Turns out it’s @BrianBrown21. Who woulda guessed?

Tyler Courtney (TyCourtney23): Wing cars are fun, there I said it.

Thomas Meseraull (@TMezdriftz): Someone put glitter in one of Carley’s gift bags, now I look like I just got out of the strip club.

Clint Bowyer (@ClintBowyer): Woke up with this on my mind. Why the hell do we run these road courses backwards?

Hailie Deegan (@HailieDeegan): I was at @Target and after being in North Carolina for a month then coming back home to Cali I’m realizing how rude people are here. Like fine next time I’ll hit you with my cart

Mat Williamson (@Williamson6): Currently sitting at the infield care center waiting on a drug test. Is this a sign that we’ve made it?

Austin Theriault (@AustinTheriault): How do I know I just arrived in Northern Maine? People are speaking French and English at the airport in Presque-Isle.

James Hinchcliffe (@Hinchtown): So watching the big screens at @Mid_Ohio, apparently @TonyKanaan thinks I’m the most likely to cheat at a board game!! What gives, TK?!

Erik Jones (@Erik_Jones): Craziest thing happened driving to the track tonight. Had a big ol black bear run out in front of me. He waved and went on with his day.

Molly Helmuth (@Molly_Helmuth): Ever since I hooked up my Alexa, I literally try to use her all the time for things she cannot do, and then I realize how lazy I can truly be.

John Andretti (@John_Andretti): At a restaurant where the shirts say, “Spooning leads to forking so use condiments.” I thought it was funny!

Ryan Vargas (@The_Rhino23): Had to pack wheel bearings for the first time in over a year and I can assure everyone that it still completely sucks.

Jordan Taylor (@jordan10taylor): Hate when this happens. Me: Hey how are you? Other person: Good, thanks. You? Me: Good, and you? Other person: …good?

Chip Ganassi (@GanassiChip): I came home from a race years ago and my mother asked how it went. I told her “we ran out of fuel.” She replied “I thought the fuel was free.”