SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from August 2019.

Hailie Deegan (@HailieDeegan): Is it just me or does NC @ChickfilA taste so much better than Cali @ChickfilA?

Noah Gragson (@NoahGragson): If you’re at Daytona and have a blow-up pool, tweet me where you’re at. I’m coming to jump in it.

Julia Landauer (@julialandauer): We haven’t taken off on a flight to London and someone’s feet already smell …

Matt DiBenedetto (@mattdracing): All I want to do during rain-delays is eat. Oh wait … that’s me pretty much every day.

Andy Seuss (@AndySeuss): Someone should make sure @RyanPreece_ is properly qualified for the @MonsterEnergy Cup race today. I mean, the kid’s Twitter account isn’t even verified.

Kevin Swindell (@KevinSwindell): How do all of these Chic-Fil-A’s keep completely redoing their parking lots and not making traffic any better at all?

Anthony Alfredo (@anthonyalfredo): If the plural of goose is geese, why is the pural of moose not meese? What about mooses?

Cole Custer (@ColeCuster): If someone is near pit road with an umbrella @iowapseedway, come rescue me … I’m taking shelter in a port-a-jon as it pours rain.

Kaz Grala (@KazGrala): Finally got around to switching my license from MA to NC at the DMV. Homeboy at the counter just told me because I got my license under the age of 18 in MA that I have to retake the written and road tests today … This is a disaster. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.

Tyler Erb (@Terbo_91): Ran fifth at the Dream and didn’t have a phone for 24 hours. Life is good.

Clint Bowyer (@ClintBowyer): Deer standing in the beans this morning got me excited.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr): I hope I never say the words “lightning clock” again.

Kurt Busch (@KurtBusch): I feel Thunderstruck. Cue the AC/DC.