SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from June 2019.

Clint Bowyer (@ClintBowyer): Alright @SpotterBrett. You Win!! Come get me, let’s find a Mexican restaurant. #CincoDeMayo

Tommy Catalano (@tommycatalano54): I just wanna go fast and turn left.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr): I’m looking forward to broadcasting some single car qualifying later this year.

Josh Herrin (@joshherrin): There’s nothing better than wheelies!

Ty Gibbs (@tygibbs_): I hate 77, I hate 77, I hate 77, I hate 77, I hate 77.

Mason Mitchell (@TheMasonRacin): I love races that have a ton of yellow laps! Has me on the edge of my seat.

Kevin Swindell (@KevinSwindell): Currently no wait at the Avon Chick-Fil-A drive thru. At 12:18 pm and it’s not Sunday. I’m now concerned I wasn’t told something.

Bobby Rahal (@BobRahal): Anyone know why smoke detector batteries always fail at about 3 a.m.?

Ben Rhodes (@benrhodes): Still doing Easter egg hunts but this time it was for my mower keys. I dropped them somewhere along the 600 feet of trees that I planted … 30 minutes later! Voilà! Right next to the mower.

Ryan Eversley (@RyanEversley): I legitimately just realized it’s Sunday yet I’ve known all day that it’s Easter. I should probably get some sleep.

Kyle Larson (@KyleLarsonRacin): Congratulations @JimmieJohnson! Been thinking I’d like to try out the Boston Marathon one day. What do you think about pushing me in a stroller next year?

Sean Rayhall (@seanrayhall): Lunchtime on Sunday, you will always find your Saints from church and your sinners from Saturday at your local Mexican spot.

John Hunter Nemechek (@JHNemechek): Anyone else think it’s super weird for a neighbor to stand at his glass front door and film everything you do in your yard? Like mowing and landscaping? #anysuggestions

Brett Moffitt (@Brett_Moffitt): PSA: I am NOT a Petty. That is all. Please share. If you’d like to contact Richard’s grandson, please contact @ThadMoffitt.

Noah Gragson (@NoahGragson): I-77 is an obstacle course. I have to focus more than in the race car. There are orange barrels in the middle of the highway that you have to dodge, cars randomly slamming on the brakes and white 3 foot plastic poles that are an inch away from your left side.