SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This!


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from November 2020.

Damon Hill (@HillF1): If you’re going to reply to my tweets and argue with me, you have to have won at least one F1 GP to get a reply.

Martin Plowman (@Plowey): I was just thinking…one tiny, tiny positive of COVID-19 is that I won’t be forced to hold hands with some stranger at Midnight of New Year’s Eve this year while miming ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Stewart Friesen (@StewartFriesen): Remember the Moody Mile? Yeah, that was cool. Remember DIRT Week? Yeah, that was cool too. Remember the thrash getting ready for the past 20 years? Wasn’t always fun, but yeah I miss that too.

Justin Grant (@JustinGrant40): Today’s victory in my ever waging off track war with @KodySwanson played out with me going testing while he watched my kids. Trying to win by any means necessary.

Steve Casebolt (@caseboltc9): Met a new little race fan last night that thought my crew guy was the driver. I asked him why he thought that and he said, “Because he’s much more skinnier than you.”

Darrell Waltrip (@AllWaltrip): Earnhardt always told me if you want a friend at the race track, bring your dog!!

Kent Robinson (@K_Rob7): Steve Kinser telling me stories about my dad and the glory days just made my week.

Logan Schuchart (@LSchuchart1s): Currently hiring anyone to pill draw. Luck must be half medicore. We drew dead last for the third night in a row…

Austen Wheatley (@austenwheatley): I think I’m just not a people person. I tried.

Alex Bowman (@AlexBowman88): I just pulled a stump out with a drywall knife and a spoon. I shouldn’t be allowed to have Sunday’s off.

Ryan Vargas (@RyanVargas_23): Hi guys, I’m dumb and sat on my glasses that I’ve only had for two weeks. How’s your evening going?

Josef Newgarden (@josefnewgarden): Sooo how did Little Debbie stay so little? 86 years and all those calories. It just doesn’t add up.

Hunter Schuerenberg (@HunterPercent): Sitting at a stop light in town with @Mrs_H_Percent driving when she gets pumped to find her loaner car has sport mode. She then asks me if she should take off in neutral…