SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This!


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from June 2020.

Bayley Currey (@BayleyCurrey): I drove to and from Texas, no traffic anywhere. I get on 77 today going to Mooresville and it’s bumper to bumper.

Marino Franchitti (@MFranchitti): We started @GameOfThrones when lockdown started and finished it last night, guess it was more about the journey than the destination!

Jimmie Johnson (@JimmieJohnson): I actually got dressed today and wore something other than gym clothes or lounge wear. To my surprise, my clothes still fit. I guess I’ve been training enough to offset the calorie intake of quarantine.

Matt Tifft (@matt_tifft): So if there’s a fight at Darlington or CLT, do they have to wear Haz-Mat suits before engaging?

Josh Reeves (@JoshReeves77): I just matched ALL of my socks out of the dryer without ONE odd sock. I felt compelled to document this moment in my life. Thank you for your time.

Cade Dillard (@CDillard97): if iRacing wants to make this racing more realistic, they should make it a rule you can’t race the next day until you drive a rig after feature until 4 a.m. to the next track.

Kevin Thomas Jr. (@kevinthomasjr): I don’t know what’s scarier, turn three in hot laps at Terre Haute or that Cinco De Mayo is coming up and they only TP left in stories is one-ply.

Ty Gibbs (@TyGibbs_): To all the fast food places, why is it that every time I ask for straws and sauces you guys never put them into the bag?

Shelby Blackstock (@Shelbilly): It’s official, I’d rather go to the dentist than take my vehicle in for service…

Mike McKinney (@Mike_McKinney): I’m not sure what’s more grueling…running all of these iRaces or a week on the Hell Tour. Guy could use a rainout.

Demetrios Drellos (@demetri_drellos): Just an opinion not facts, it feels colder this April than the entire winter.

Austin Dillon (@austindillon3): Man, @WhitneyDillon done hid the cookies on the highest shelf thinking I wouldn’t see them. That’s wrong lol.

Dominic Scelzi (@DominicScelzi41): That’s it, I’m calling it. 2020 is over in my books. The rest of this year is just a simulation.

Conor Daly (@ConorDaly22): Does a toaster have a break in period like a race engine? You have to put some miles on it before it does consistent toasting? I’ve been using my toaster for the first time in two years and it’s been inconsistent on the same setting. This is what I think about at 10:45 on a Saturday now.