FORGING AHEAD: William Kay’s 1934 Editorial

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Editor’s Note: This is the editorial column authored by William Kay in the first issue of National Auto Racing News – now known as SPEED SPORT – on Aug. 16, 1934.

With this issue of The Bergen Herald National Auto Racing News, complying with the insistent demands of our readers and advertisers, we are changing the size of the Auto Racing Edition to tabloid form. The home edition will remain as is.

Although, The Bergen Herald is in its 13th year, it was only a year ago last May that we started the National Auto Racing News edition.

Our agents and representatives have worked hard with us, sending in results, notices of racing and special articles and biographies, and other news of interest; the drivers have assisted us by subscribing for the paper and having their friends subscribe; promoters have helped us by giving us publicity at tracks all over the country through the loud speakers and space in their programs; advertisers have helped us by inserting their advertising in our paper, which is our principal source of revenue; and last but not least, our thousands of readers have helped us by innumerable letters containing words of encouragement and praise for our publication.

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We will in the future, as we have in the past, endeavor to give our racing fans all of the news from all of the tracks all of the time.

Our constant endeavor since the inception of the Auto Racing Section has been to increase our service to our readers. That will continue to be our policy.

We will welcome constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. We want this to be YOUR paper. Our only aim and desire is to GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT IN THE WAY YOU WANT IT.

Henceforth we will endeavor to have an illustrated front and back page, and throughout the paper there will be illustrations, pictures of your favorite drivers, scenes at the different tracks and action pictures.

Let us hear from you.

Give us your reaction on this latest improvement in our service to you. We are constantly appointing new representatives and correspondents at new tracks.

We believe that today we are giving results from more speedways than any other publication in the United States.

We want to do still more.

Therefore each week as you note new writers and new tracks represented, you will know that we are working constantly to increase our prestige in this field.

But, dear readers, remember one thing, it costs money to run a newspaper. Therefore every new subscriber you can get for us, every line of advertising you can be instrumental in throwing our way, will help us just that much to give you more and better service.

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