California's Hanford Speedway is heading in a new direction thanks to the leadership of Peter Murphy. (Paul Trevino Photo)

Hanford Gets New Direction

Newly arrived from Australia, Peter Murphy saw Hanford Speedway for the first time in 1988 as a crew member for Steve Kinser.
Clint Brawner Could

Clint Brawner Could Do It All

During an era when the chief mechanic was a fabricator, engine builder, designer, race strategist and team manager, Clint Brawner stood above the rest.
Logan Schuchart and Bobby Allen in victory lane at Eldora Speedway. (Julia Johnson Photo)

Bobby Allen: A Lifetime As A Racer

As a teenager, Bobby Allen was a world-class go-kart racer whose résumé included a 1961 triumph in Milan, Italy, and pair of victories (1960 and ’61) in the battle for the Sir Victor Sassoon Trophy, which was awarded to the winner of the 100-lap Grand Prix during the annual Bahamas Speed Weeks in Nassau.
Brock Zearfoss Volusia 2020. (Paul Arch Photo)

Brock Zearfoss — A Busy Racer

Brock Zearfoss has turned his small, family-owned sprint car team into a consistent contender no matter where he shows up to race.
PHOTOS: ISMA Supermodified Star

PHOTOS: ISMA Supermodified Star Classic

Check out photos from Saturday's ISMA Bob Webber Sr. Memorial Star Classic at New Hampshire's Star Speedway, where Jon McKennedy took the victory!
McKenna Haase's Ninja Warrior

McKenna Haase’s Ninja Warrior Experience

McKenna Haase recently became the latest in a sequence of auto-racing drivers to participate in NBC’s American Ninja Warrior television series, an experience she’s since called “unforgettable.”
PHOTOS: Dirt Classic 7

PHOTOS: Dirt Classic 7 At Lincoln

Check out photos from Saturday's All Star Circuit of Champions Dirt Classic 7 at Lincoln Speedway, where Kyle Larson took the $20,000 victory!

KNUTSON: The Line Between Innovation & Copying

Back in 1978 and ’79, Colin Chapman and his Lotus designers and engineers stumbled upon ground-effects for their Formula One chassis.
Roger Penske IndyCar Photo

Roger Penske: ‘I Am Fully Committed’

Nobody in motorsports was hit harder by the coronavirus than Roger Penske. 
PHOTOS: Governors Reign Night

PHOTOS: Governors Reign Night One

Check out photos from night one of the All Star Circuit of Champions Governors Reign at Eldora Speedway, won by Brent Marks of CJB Motorsports!

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