Thoughts And Observations


I understand that even though it is out of their jurisdiction, NASCAR has suspended 1913 Indy 500 winner Jules Goux for DUI.

It is well known that during each of his pit stops, Goux sipped champagne. Did it affect his performance? Goux won the race by thirteen minutes, the biggest advantage in the history of the race. Goux, who died in 1965, had no comment.

Jerry Punch continues to amaze me with his blatant stupidity. Someone at ESPN must have lost a bar bet and had to make Punch the NASCAR Sprint Cup anchor. All year he’s been saying Jimmie Johnson is gunning for his 4th consecutive championship in a row. I wonder if that is overall? Punch has to use that word in every sentence. The first guy out for time trials will be first overall, I guess.

Did you see the opening for the Talladega truck race that happened to be on Halloween? I hate to break this to the folks at Speed, but Halloween is a Children’s holiday. I will be very happy if never have to see Ray Dunlap in tights again.

Dunlap always does demonstrations for the truck series title sponsor. For years he did tidbits about Craftsman tools, now he does it for Camping World. I hope taking a dump in the woods is not part of his repitoire.

NASCAR has Kasey Kahne, Casey Mears and Casey Atwood. ESPN has Marty Reid who thinks he’s Casey Kasem.