ROLLER: Le Mans Adventures 2013


While there are only a few of us who are full-time broadcasters on the team, the quality, professionalism, dedication and passion that are exhibited each June, are at a higher level than any other team I have ever worked with anywhere in a 30-plus-year television and radio career.

That word “team” is a crucial part of any success at Le Mans or any endurance race for that matter, and it is one of my fascinations with this form of racing. Any winner here, whether it be Tom Kristensen (looking for a record ninth victory) or the gentleman racer making his or her first Le Mans start, will tell you that without 100-percent effort from the other drivers, the mechanics and the admin types who make the strategy calls, success of any sort would not be possible.

Proof of that comes every year at 3 p.m. on Sunday when the checkered flag waves and the cheers and tears flow for not only the class winners, but anyone who has the shared feeling of accomplishment for completing this 24-hour test of the will of man and machine alike.

So it will be for the 26th Radio Le Mans broadcast this week. The shared experience of covering the world’s best, putting themselves to the ultimate test will be a privilege to behold and bring to the world at large through our radio 91.2 at the circuit and Sirius Satellite (the race only) and internet broadcasts,

Scrutineering begins Sunday in Downtown Le Mans. It is an event in and of itself and the subject of installment two from my Le Mans Adventures 2013.

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