RODDA: NorCal Notes


Eagle Raceway, just 35 miles into Nebraska, was our stop and a lucky choice it became. A 139-car field in five divisions saw counts range from 23 to 33. That meant 17 heats, five B mains and 5 A mains all completed in 3 hours and 13 minutes.

In a display of efficiency and driver skill that will be nearly impossible to match, three of five A mains were nonstop while the other two created four yellow flags.

Add to that miracle was the fact that every main had a group of cars battling for the lead before the crowd at the front of the pack thinned.

It is not often that a sport compact main gets the crowd excited, but the Eagle offering did just that before a photo finish went to Scott Spellmeier. IMCA 305 sprints are the top division and their nonstop run saw a late-race pass by Stu Snyder to take the win.

Eagle simply put on the type of show that any race fan should rave about, and while it may have been well above their average, a less stellar show would still be very good. The flagging may have been the best I have ever seen, using the yellow only when absolutely necessary.

The 18 races in 20 days goal was met the following day at Nebraska’s Lexington Raceway, formerly Dawson County Raceway. The track came close to not opening this year as it was April before someone stepped up to run the three-eighths-mile track. Five divisions drew 56 cars on the warmest day of the trip, yet still only upper 80s.

With the remnants of the county fair occupying the usual pit area, the infield became home to the teams. This created some backstretch viewing issues. Hot laps raised clouds of dust which the turn three inward breeze blew upon us, but luckily the dust problems were far less of a problem once racing started.

Lexington is the farthest west dirt track in Nebraska and despite being 1,343 miles from home, it is the closest Sunday track. Arriving home Tuesday, I had decided not to make such a trip again. Too much driving, watching the weather and trying to make the right decision became tiring.

Two days later, we were busy planning next year’s adventure.