Letters To The Editor – Nov. 17, 2010


Slap On The Wrist

Wow, a $25,000 penalty for an obscene gesture to a NASCAR official? That is like taking a penny out of a grandkids’ allowance.

A penalty is just that, a punishment imposed or incurred for a violation of law, rule or agreement (punishment being the key word). Taking a measly $25,000 away from Busch is absolutely ludicrous.

A penalty must hurt the perpetrator. They must feel the sting. It has to be a constant reminder, otherwise why bother? The $25,000 penalty wasn’t even a slap on the wrist to him. Take away a few precious points. He will remember that for a while, just ask Clint Bowyer (he was robbed, by the way).

And probation? Does that mean he can’t drive below the yellow line to win another Truck race before the end of the year?

Glen Muir, Port Angeles, Wash.

Good Job, Champ!

Congratulations to Jason Meyers from Clovis, Calif., for being the 2010 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series champion. I lived in San Jose, Calif., from 1985 to 1998 before I moved back to St. Louis, Mo.

I missed seeing Jason start his racing career, but have been a fan of his since he started racing in the World of Outlaws. His close win over Lucas Wolfe in the Iron Man 55 at I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Mo., was one of the best sprint-car races I have seen.

Enjoy your championship. I believe you will win many more and I will be in the stands at I-55 in 2011 cheering for you.

Ed Murphy, St. Louis

Hold The Criticism

During the telecast of the Brazilian Grand Prix, the announcers were surmising that all the Monday-morning quarterbacks would criticize Red Bull for letting both drivers have an equal chance to win, thereby allowing another team to win the championship.

Sorry boys, but real racing works like that. The teams that allow cheating, as we have seen with Fernando Alonso’s entire career, will give team orders to make a teammate back off or even crash. That is not racing and anyone who thinks strategy is more important should be playing chess.

Larry De Cicco, Evergreen, Colo.

Respect For Cruz Pedregon

The letter by Serge Krauss (Nov. 3) in the Public Forum made me think of another example of a driver relating to his fans.

Earlier in the year I went to the annual Auto-Rama. This event, a car show also in Cleveland, has been held for years. I personally have attended for at least the last 35 years.

This year they had you enter the show at the center of the display area. I usually walk from end to end, so I went to the left end of the show and was going to work my way to the other end.

When I got to the corner there was a small trailer with a table next to it. Standing behind the table was a guy in a red baseball hat. The guy was none other than Cruz Pedregon. There were no signs saying, “Meet Cruz Pedregon.” He handed out autographs to anyone who wanted one.

But, most of all, he just talked about racing, cars, anything. He would answer questions. Most of all he was just another guy talking about the particular cars in the show that he liked.

He was approachable, shook hands and looked like he was enjoying himself. All without the stage set-up, the signs, the line of fans and none of the fanfare. I have always thought that the NHRA drivers were fan-friendly at the event in Norwalk.

This, however, shows what a class act Cruz is. He should be commended for the way he handled this appearance. I probably should have written this letter earlier, but better late than never.

Lenny Conetsco, Medina, Ohio

What Was Penske Thinking?

I’ve pretty much stopped watching NASCAR racing all together because the racing has become a giant pile of stinking garbage. However, I do have to make one comment regarding Nationwide Series regular Justin Allgaier.

Is Roger Penske insane? He has one of the best all-around talents in the garage area and he doesn’t even work extra hard to keep Allgaier in 2011? I guess Penske’s loss is Turner’s gain.

Justin Allgaier has been one of the only bright spots in the Nationwide Series this season. He’s a great driver and a class act, especially when compared to Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards.

My 2010 holiday wish is for NASCAR races to have many, many empty seats. Perhaps then NASCAR will realize just how many fans it’s alienated.

Ken Bagenstose, Jr., Temple, Pa.

What Was Gibbs Thinking?

What was Joe Gibbs thinking when he hired Kyle “bucket mouth” Busch and Denny Hamlin?

You will NEVER have to worry about Kyle winning a championship as he will shoot himself in the foot every time. No control.

Also, since Joe Gibbs switched to Toyota, and his choice of Toyota as a manufacturer, I will never root for Mr. Gibbs to win anything. Just goes to prove that if you put enough yen in front of a team owner, they will sell their soul.

Toyota, the car company that has brought you MORE recalls in the past five years than any other brand.

Kyle Busch should be thrown out of NASCAR for flipping off the official at Texas Motor Speedway. Real Las Vegas class.

Also, it sure looks like NASCAR has the “fix” in for a Toyota driver to win this year’s championship.

Thianna Jones, Mount Ida, Ark.

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