LONDON: What’s Wrong With The Hall Of Fame



So poor Darrell Waltrip is pouting because he didn’t make the second ballot for NASCAR’s Hall of Fame. At least he gets to have his tantrum.

How about Fireball Roberts, Curtis Turner, Herb Thomas, Marshall Teague, the Flock Brothers, Red Byron and Smokey Yunick and a few others.

Those are some of the men who helped put NASCAR on the map. If it hadn’t been for them, maybe Darrell Waltrip would have had to work for a living.

The problem with the H of F is that the way they set it up, lots of deserving people will get snubbed. They should have had the inaugural induction for people out of racing for 35 years and not limit it to just five.

The fact that Fireball Roberts got no votes gets my dander up. I was lucky as a young fan to see him race at Langhorne three or four times. There wasn’t a tougher track than that one. He certainly was a precursor to Dale Earnhardt.

It’s not that Bud Moore and Ned Jarrett aren’t derserving. I just felt that others belong ahead of them. Major League Baseball did it right in 1939, when they voted in many great players. Then the rule was sportswriters voted on players retired five years or more. A 75 percent selection got you in.

But they also have an oldtimer’s committee for players inactive for 15 or more years.

Darrell Waltrip should be competing with Cale Yarborough for a slot in the H of F. They raced together. How can you compare DW to say Herb Thomas? Both great but in a different era.

This week marks one of the more sorrowful tragedies in our sport when Richie Evans took his last lap at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway 25 years ago. Modified racing hasn’t been the same without him and those of us who knew him well, miss him terribly.

I can only wish for a full recovery for Shane Hmiel. He has won tougher battles than this one.

On the day of Chris Economaki’s big birthday, a dinosaur footprint was discovered in New Jersey. I refuse to speculate.