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I’m sure that both drivers were thinking about the win, not stomping on the other guy.

This wasn’t Logano’s only black mark of the day. His “blocking” of Tony Stewart caused ole Smoke to go nuts and punches were thrown. Maybe Tony forgot that his similar act caused a big wreck at Talladega last fall. But at least he owned up to it and admitted it.

Logano needs to grow up and watch some of the comments he makes. Saying Hamlin “got what he deserved”” was not appropriate.

Sunday’s action will certainly stir up interest that NASCAR needs, but let’s hope this doesn’t become a weekly thing. Let’s keep the fighting in the NHL.

After a week off, the boys head for Martinsville Speedway where they will crash into each other, whether intended or not.

The IZOD IndyCar series got a big hit with James Hinchliffe winning the opener. James is an absolute delight. He’s got a great personality and easy on the eyes for the female fans. He adds another strong runner to the roster. It is a big shame that Kyle Larson does not seem headed for Indyland. He is the greatest young talent since Jeff Gordon.

Larry McReynolds is certainly the king of malapropos, but I don’t find him believable either. He stated Sunday how great the first five races of the new NASCAR season were and it’s because of the Gen-6 car. The first three races were tame. Bristol was OK, but there were tons of empty seats and it was the climatic finish that made Sunday’s race entertaining, not the new car.

Avoiding controversy is Kyle Busch. Kyle’s great move around the two combatants Sunday gave him the win and sweep of the weekend. You can hear the difference. He is either winning the fans over or maybe the fans are down on some of the others.

Well, NASCAR did say, “Have at it, boys!”



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