Letters To The Editor – Oct. 6, 2010


Too Much For Too Little

Of course NASCAR will give some reason to keep the start-and-park cars quiet. Why not show the pits of the possible non-racers? You wouldn’t see any spare tires or crew members waiting for the race to start.

Check the payoffs and you can see $14,000 for fewer than 20 laps and see $16,000 for a 10th-place in a 300-lap race.

Jim Schmitt — Liberty, Mo.

Goodbye, Jack

I got my October issue of Sprint Car and Midget magazine and went straight for the editorials. First, of course, was to read a man I first met about 40 years ago, Jack Miller. What I found was an obituary for Jack by Doug Auld. Very tastefully done and a joy to read.

Jack had earned the notoriety and respect of the racing community in a 50-year dedication to the sport.

Jack was an announcer who brought his sport to life. I put him in the same category as Howard Cosell for boxing, Keith Jackson for college football or Harry Carey for baseball.

Tony Stewart’s act of friendship to fly Jack and Louise to the 2010 Knoxville Hall of Fame induction ceremony shows the level of respect one great racer had for Jack Miller. Tony, that was an awesome act of kindness.

Rest in peace, Jack.

Russ Tandy — Columbia, Mo.

Is Kentucky Ready For Cup?

I just wanted to tell everyone that IRL racing is back. We went to Kentucky Speedway in September and it was some of the best racing I have seen in a long time.

There was no messing around like NASCAR. When a yellow waved the cars pitted and started racing again in three laps or less. These cars go much faster than NASCAR on the yellow. So why can these cars pit and run fewer laps under the yellow than NASCAR? Wake up NASCAR!

Fans came to watch a race not run under caution. I feel that Kentucky Speedway is really not ready for a Cup race. The reason is the P.A. system is really bad. The people working the credential office didn’t know very much. No one really knew the seating.

One employee also told me that there were no medical personnel on the track when they gave people rides in the two-seater IRL car. I do not know if this is true, but I was not going to find out.

They need to add more roads to get out of the track after the race is over. This track is beautiful, but definitely needs some attention. They are not ready for NASCAR yet. I wish them luck.

What can IRL do better to have more people in the stands? They need to get rid of the push-to-pass button. Let the guys race, they know how far they can push the issue. Also maybe a double-file restart after the caution only if the drivers feel comfortable since they are going much faster than a Cup car.

I would like to thank Andretti Autosport for everything it did to make this night one of the greatest nights of my life.

I hope some day Tony Stewart will race in the 500 at Indy again. Being born and raised in Indiana myself, nobody can tell me how he would not run in the 500 if the Cup Series would reschedule the race that they run a couple of days later.

This would be good for both IndyCar and NASCAR if a driver could win both races.

J. Wolf — Poseyville, Ind.

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