Letters To The Editor – Oct. 20, 2010


Thanks To CMS Ticket Staff

I’m writing this letter in regards to a situation that came up concerning Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’ve been a longtime ticket holder for both the May and October races.

This year, a week before we were to leave for Charlotte, my wife developed pancreatitis. Therefore she had to have an MRI and follow-up treatments, so we were not going to be able to attend the October race.

I, in turn, called the ticket office at the track and talked to the manager, Phyllis. She was very understanding and was very heartfelt for our situation. She said to just destroy my tickets and she would void them and roll my money over toward next year’s race.

This was going way beyond the call. Charlotte Motor Speedway says it is truly fan friendly; this proves it. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.

If ever it comes to where we have to cut some races out for one reason or another, Charlotte would be the last. I think it runs a first-class operation, one I’m proud to do business with.

Mike Kent, Brownsburg, Ind.

Windy In California

NASCAR will never have huge crowds for the California races until it is able to divert the Santa Ana winds this time of year.

Jim Schmitt, Liberty, Mo.

Answer The Phone!

My husband and I attend about 65-70 races a year. The one thing I just can’t stand is race track employees not answering their phones.

We live 19 miles south of Fort Wayne, Ind. We traveled 132 miles to Lawrenceburg, Ind., for the MSCS show. It rained all the way down. We kept trying to call and all we got was the answering machine, and after awhile all we got was a busy signal.

We pulled into the track to find out it canceled the race about one and a half hours before we got there. If someone was there answering the phone we may not have wasted a three-and-a-half hour trip.

I have to say kudos to the gang at Gas City (Ind.) I-69 Speedway. They have a person answering their phones telling people if they are racing or not. If it’s raining they tell us to call back before leaving. Keep up the good work, Gas City.

Also, I would like to add these race tracks need to start telling the people the truth. We were going to attend Sunday’s races at Millstream Speedway in Findlay, Ohio. It’s 95 miles one way.

The promoter told my husband at 8 a.m. in the morning they were going to run and an hour later canceled. Shame on you. Most of the fans sitting at race tracks travel long distances.

Tonya Hillegas, Ossian, Ind.