Letters To The Editor – Oct. 13, 2010


Tri-City Greatness!

We just returned from the Tri-City Midget Nationals (Sept. 30-Oct. 2) and had to comment on what a great weekend we had. The facility is great, the racing all three nights was beyond great and we are already planning to go back next year.

The Gundaker family, who own and operate the track, are a class act. From Tammy, who marked us off three reserved seats, and her husband Kevin, who runs operations, to Kevin’s dad Gordon and his lovely wife, who sat behind us and made us feel more than welcome all weekend, we say thank you.

The track was as well prepared as any I have seen. There was very little dust (take a hint, Eldora) and the program went off with very few delays.

There were 47 midgets all three nights on what is a great midget track and the supporting sprint cars made the program even better.

The 50-lap feature on Saturday had only one caution, which was amazing and a credit to the great drivers. Any race fan who loves midgets should plan to go next year. You won’t regret it.

Fred Gable, Indianapolis

Noise Pollution

Kansas was the third week in a row we have tried to watch the NASCAR race and once again all we could hear were the race cars. ESPN might as well fire the announcers, we can’t hear them anyway. There is too much track noise. We will not watch any more races that are on ESPN, ever.

Shelly Caswell, Port Charlotte, Fla.

Missing Indy At Kansas

After the sad news in this part of the country about the IRL and the cancellation of the IndyCar race at Kansas Speedway for next year, it has become a serious problem for us true race fans to understand.

What group of people made that bonehead decision to cancel the race?

Now they are saying a second stock-car race will be scheduled for next year. If they do anything, they should be fair about the whole situation and schedule two IndyCar races for next season.

All of us don’t want to see crunch-and -crash cars and fixed stock-car racing as what is considered by some to be the big league stock-car circuit.

Wilson Harmon, Kansas City, Mo.

Quit Waving At The TV

I wish the interviews from the track during a televised race were conducted in front of a wall or other solid backdrop. Nothing is more irritating than some moron in the back of the shot moving back and forth, sarcastically waving his arms in an effort to be seen on camera by his friends.

The same goes for sign wavers trying to outdo each other. It’s amazing what people will do when a camera is pointed at them. This is when it’s time to surf channels or take a bathroom break.

Gene Macavey, Sterling Heights, Mich.

The Next Generation

NASCAR has put together a great new program called “NASCAR: Next Generation” telling the real stories of kids chasing their dreams of making it into the big leagues. It’s really great. Unfortunately it is lost on Versus. Has anyone else watched it on Wednesdays? Speed, you missed the chance.

Robert Herman, Tucson, Ariz.