Letters to the Editor – Nov. 24, 2010


Boycott Toyota?

I agree with Keith Willford’s letter (Nov. 10), do away with Toyota. I too will not buy or use any product that sponsors a Toyota.

If everyone would boycott Toyota’s sponsors you would see fewer teams. Bringing Toyota into NASCAR was the worst decision NASCAR ever made.

They are losing thousands of fans and there is no better proof than the low attendance in the truck series as Toyota makes up close to half the field. Seems some owners and drivers show a lack of loyalty toward American manufacturers.

There should be more people like Tony Stewart, as you could see he hated every minute he was forced to drive a Toyota for Joe Gibbs.

John Cline, Independence, Mo.

Williams In Charge

I think Brian France should let Deb Williams run NASCAR. She certainly has more knowledge of the issues haunting NASCAR than Brian! Great article in the Nov. 10 issue.

Janet Krause, New Port Richey, Fla.

Welcome Back, Chevrolet

Great news regarding Chevrolet coming back to the IndyCar Series. Next step, Mr. Bernard, should be to put some American drivers in those cars. It just might make it interesting enough to watch again.

W.C. Lewis, Gridley, Calif.

She Should Prove Herself

I came into the house a few weeks ago and turned on the TV to the Nationwide race. When I turned it on the camera was on Danica Patrick and the announcers were going gaga over her driving, and right away I just knew that she was in the lead and two or three laps ahead of everyone else.

I thought, “Man, oh man, she’s really on today.” But after about 10 minutes of bragging they said she was one lap down in 20-something spot.

Come on, announcers. I and probably no one else needs to hear that much bragging about someone one lap down in 20-something spot. They didn’t say one word about anyone in front of or behind her. I’m guessing they just weren’t doing very well at all.

Jack Charles, Avoca, Ind.

Divine Intervention?

It was the Ford 400 and the good Lord smote the Toyota and there was a “burning Busch.” I guess the Lord doesn’t like Toyota either.

A Ford won the Ford 400. Imagine that.

Debbie Jones, Crystal Springs, Ark.

Sensitive Words

At Friday night’s Truck race, the Ford boss said, “Gentlemen, start your engines.”

He should have checked as there were multiple young ladies in the field. Maybe some sensitivity training is required.

Jim Schmitt, Liberty, Mo.

On The Mend

Jeff Russell of Bosie, Idaho, was injured while practicing for a supermodified race at the LVMS Bullring on Oct. 30. The front spindle on Jeff’s car broke, sending him into the wall at the end of the straight.

Please keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers. He is still in the hospital at this time in Las Vegas.

Rick and Kathy Smith, Cedar Ridge, Calif.

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