Letters To The Editor – Nov. 10, 2010


SPEED READER: Youngster Alex Bowman enjoys a recent edition of National Speed Sport News. (George Andrews Photo)

A New Racing Fan

Here is a picture of my grandson, Alex Beaver, enjoying a recent issue of NSSN.

Both of his grandpas, Jay Smith of Winthrop, Wash., and George Andrews of Auburn, Wash., are subscribers to NSSN. Alex will receive his first subscription once he learns to read!

George Andrews, Auburn, Wash.

Dragsters, Not Maytag

I enjoyed Al Robinson’s piece on “noms de course” in the Oct. 27, 2010, issue. As a long-time drag-racing fan, I always remember Bob Muravez, aka Floyd Lippencott, Jr., from the 1960s.

Bob’s dad wanted him to join him in the appliance repair business, but Bob wanted to drive fuel and gas dragsters. Maytag’s loss was drag racing’s gain. The NHRA website probably has the story for anyone interested.

Les Brandt, Indianapolis

Back To Fox!

NASCAR hurts me with its decision to hide the Chase on ESPN. Fox Network, which has the best coverage, should not be traded. Fox came back from all the rain delays.

Thanks Speed Sport for taking the crowd, the noise and the expense from my racing season. Tim Shaffer winning the Knoxville Nationals is my best memory.

Ken Merget, Aliquippa, Pa.

Belated Happy Birthday

I have been receiving NSSN since 1961 and have been a true fan of Chris since the first paper. I want to wish him a happy 90th birthday.

He has been one of my real heros, as I, too, write a weekly motorsports column for two newspapers. I have seen him at several races and read his column every week.

I also have a signed picture of me and him at the Texas Motor Speedway media room. I hope to see him at the November NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway.

Bill LeNoir, Justin, Texas

Do Away With Toyota

Some of us older race fans remember when Chevy, Ford and Dodge made NASCAR.

How can American drivers who drove U.S. cars now drive for Toyota? Now we have cars in NASCAR that have their main office in another country. Maybe NASCAR should get its head out of its … and listen to the fans. If you inspect the winning car, do it at the race track and re-inspect all the cars.

Am I the only one who turns the TV down when Toyota leads or turns the TV off when Toyota wins? I try not to buy products that have its ads on these kinds of racers. All this money that Toyota spent didn’t put fans in the seats.

If NASCAR fans would have bought Ford, Chevy or Dodge cars and trucks, would these foreign cars be on the track?

Keith H. Willford, Findlay, Ohio

Bad Explanation

I had to laugh at Jeff Burton’s explanation after being bumped by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. at Talladega. He was very calm and said, “It wasn’t Junior’s fault.” If it had been his teammate Harvick or Kurt Busch he would have a different perspective on the accident.

Allen Bruhn, Davenport, Iowa

Rindt Masters Monaco

Reading Bob Gates’s article on Jochen Rindt (Nov. 3) reminded me of Rindt’s brilliant victory at Monaco in 1970. Driving well below the track record lap after lap while racing flat out coming out of the tunnel and through the chicane, Rindt was pushing the front end every corner.

He made up some 15 seconds in the waning laps and passed Jack Brabham on the final turn of the circuit. It was noted that he ran a full second less than the track record on his final lap.

It was, quite simply, the finest performance by any driver I have ever witnessed. He ran off four more victories and won the Formula One World Championship posthumously after the tragic accident at Monza that took his life.

Well written piece. Keep up the excellent work.

Dan Huff, Tucson, Ariz.

Kyle Needs To Grow Up

Well I guess it is OK for punk boy Kyle Busch to drive below the dreaded yellow line to win last week’s Truck race (at Talladega Superspeedway), but it is not OK for the leader (Carl Edwards) get a jump (doesn’t the leader set the pace?) on a critical restart during the Nationwide race at Texas.

Come on Busch, grow up. You would have done the same thing with a vengeance.

Glen Muir, Port Angeles, Wash.

Dusty At The World Finals

Congratulations to Jason Meyers on winning the World of Outlaws championship. However, watching the World Finals on Speed, I thought they had moved it to Eldora.

All I saw was dust, not sprint cars. In all honesty I have never seen an afternoon show with a night show that was not a dust bowl.

It was a shame that a showcase event was televised under such conditions. All that you can do is play the cards you are dealt and suit up for next year.

Larry Bartoli, Weatherford, Texas

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