Letters To The Editor – Feb. 2, 2011


Likes Unique Tracks

I am lucky enough to live near and support one of the most uniquely shaped race tracks I have ever seen, Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio. In the Ohio-area short-track community, Kil-Kare is known as one of the most difficult tracks to drive simply because the configuration is so confounding to mechanics and drivers alike.

Not too far away is Shady Bowl Speedway in DeGraff, Ohio. While this is more-or-less a conventional short-track oval, the fact that it has a hump in the middle of the backstretch makes it somewhat unique as well.

All this has given me an interest in finding more such tracks around the country.

I’d like anyone who knows of a race track that is unconventional and unique to contact me. Let me know where the track is and what is unique about it. Photos are good, but not necessary. Please send your information to [email protected] Please put “Speedway” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Philip Greene, Fairborn, Ohio

Autograph Seeker

Just finished reading NSSN’s excellent coverage of the Chili Bowl. This was my second, and I attended all five nights for the first time.

I also went to the pits after each night. I am not typically an autograph hound, but thought since it was the 25th anniversary it would be fun to get as many top drivers as possible to sign the official event T-shirt. I obtained signatures from about three quarters of the feature lineup, including the top three finishers on all four preliminary nights. I found all of these guys to be gracious, accessible, accommodating and friendly with one notable exception — Kevin Swindell.

I am not one of “those guys.” I am always respectful in seeking the signature and appreciative when I get it, and never enter the pit stall without being invited, which I was in this case by Sammy Swindell himself (who would have thought he was the one in the family with the people skills?). He did sign it, but Kevin was beyond rude and surly.

In my 50 years as a racing fan it was the worst driver meeting I have ever experienced.

Dennis Roundtree, Aurora, Colo.

Locked Out By NASCAR

I’d like to know why NASCAR decided to let ESPN air the races in the Chase.

Unfortunately, I am in prison and we have no cable. We only get the basic local channels. There are a lot of NASCAR fans in here who would love to see the Chase races. But we can’t.

I’m sure that a lot of families on the street don’t have cable either. So they can’t even watch the races. And NASCAR wonders why viewer ratings are down. There is not even a local radio station in the New York area that broadcasts the races. I don’t find out who won the race until I get my copy of NSSN a week later.

If changes aren’t made and NASCAR ignores its fans, the grandstands won’t sell out and the viewer ratings will drop. Wake up, NASCAR, and do what’s right.

Joe Cerato, Rahway, N.J.

Drill It & Grow It

Ethanol? Your great weekly newspaper should not have allowed the CEO of a “tree hugger” company that uses federal and state tax credits or incentives and possibly outright grants to sustain its company, to run a very lengthy editorial in the Dec. 15 edition of Public Forum. It was nothing more than free advertising and self-promotion.

If not for our tax dollars and a phony global warming mentality in Washington, D.C., at least for the next couple years, the tax money used to prop up these companies to try and make ethanol slightly competitive in the market, no one would consider investing in ethanol.

We have oil. Let’s drill for it and let’s grow food. Third-rate countries continue to drill for oil in the Gulf, but not the geniuses in D.C.

Jason Talbot, Fargo, N.D.

No Diffy And Fish

I wish Speed TV would rid itself of Leigh Diffy and Cal Fish. The sporty-car races are tough to get interested in, but their use of the English language is atrocious at best.

And if they continue the use of “boys” I suggest they attend a sensitivity training course.

A mute button would be a good idea, too.

Jim Schmitt, Liberty , Mo.

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