Letters To The Editor – Feb. 16, 2011


Just Give It To Junior

NASCAR’s proposed changes to the point system are just its latest attempt to ensure Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will make the Chase. However, if form holds he won’t make it.

Therefore, I propose the following: During Speedweek announce that by proclimation Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has been declared the 2011 Sprint Cup champion and the rest of the season will be his victory tour.

At the end of the season he can retire and NASCAR won’t have to pander to him anymore.

Dennis Bencher, LaGrangeville, N.Y.

More For The Winners

I agree with the NASCAR point system change, but with the following additional changes.

First place gets 43 points, second gets 33 points and everyone after gets one less point per position. From 34th back, one point for showing up. Maybe that would keep some of the wrecked cars from reappearing after half-assed repairs and getting in the way of the other cars. After all, the reason for racing is to win.

Also, please, please, the national anthem should be sung with gusto and enthusiasm, not like a lovesick kangaroo. Some, no, most of the singers last season were just too awful to endure. Thank God for the mute button.

Oscar Knerr, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Stick To The Script

One change NASCAR should consider for the upcoming season is that any vocalist or groups singing the national anthem should sing it the way it was written and refrain from unrecognizable artistic renderings such as occurred during the 2011 Super Bowl.

Ted Vargo, Pittsburgh

Made Sense To Him

As a speaker of the English language, I found Jim Schmitt’s letter (Feb. 2) interesting. I have watched Mr. Diffy and Fish for years and found their English to be both grammatically and structurally correct.

To my knowledge both of these men are well educated with extensive broadcasting experience and, in the case of Fish, a good racing background. The use of “boy” in English speaking countries outside of the USA is widespread and is not a pejorative.

Possibly Mr. Schmitt means that these gentlemen are speaking the English language and not the American English language?

Collin Adams, Surrey, British Columbia

Texting Is Illegal

I overheard that NASCAR drivers who compete in the Daytona 500 will be placed on probation if they are caught texting.

Jim Matheson, Yuma, Ariz.

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