KENNEDY: California Coast


Three junior classes totaling 30 riders from ages 8 to 16 raced in 250cc, 150cc first division, and 150cc second division events. Ten 250cc riders, were joined by 11 150cc first division riders, plus nine second division newer 150cc riders. They raced as hard as their elders had on the same dirt track the prior evening.

All riders competed in four heats for points and the top four riders in points for each division raced in three main events for sponsor donated cash and trophies that were taller than some of the recipients.

Feature winners were:
• Dillon Ruml, 15, of Huntington Beach, took the 250cc P. 1 trophy and $475 in cash.
• Sterling Martin, 9, from Salinas, won the 150cc first division largest trophy plus cash.
• Keelan Venegas, 10, of San Bernardino, collected the 150cc second division P. 1 trophy and cash.

Saturday night winner Janniro was in the pits assisting his nephew D. Wagner. Saturday feature runner-up C. “the Edge” Venegas assisted his son, “Lil’ Edge.” Billy Hamill, 1996 world speedway champion, assisted his son Kurtis, 15, with his 250cc bike.