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VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — After years of disputes, lawsuits, ownership changes, Kentucky Speedway finally got its long overdue Sprint Cup race. It was much ado about nothing.

As NASCAR continues to display uninspiring racing, the whole weekend was a total dud. Where was the racing? Remember wheel-to-wheel competition? I still do. There was absolutely nothing resembling that all weekend. NASCAR’s three top series competed and all should have been sponsored by Sominex.

I think NASCAR knows its racing doesn’t appeal to the actual racing fan, that’s why they put the point battle up front. Everything in NASCAR is the points. Does a true lover of racing (if there are any of them still around?) really care about points?

I give Kyle Petty some credit for his honesty, saying the race wasn’t very exciting. He was being nice. If Fox or Speed presented it, their TV mouths would have raved over it.

I’m sure on all the Speed TV shows this week, they will mention the 20 lead changes among (12 drivers. Yes but they mostly came because of pit stops. there was nary a fight for the lead all weekend.

Compounding the trouble is that many fans paid like $150 bucks for tickets and missed most of the race because of a five-hour traffic snarl getting to the speedway. This shouldn’t be a problem in the future. Who would pay money to see a race there again?

The Firecracker 400 at Daytona wasn’t boring, it was annoying, an adjective I’ve never used to describe a race before. It was the same two car tandems all night and NASCAR continues to market a faulty product.

Listening to Robin Pemberton explain NASCAR’s future plans on utilizing fuel injection makes me realize why he is no longer a crew chief. He is as useful as a canker sore but not as interesting.

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