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VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — It is very sad to note that two of our sport’s best journalists, Dick Berggren and Bob Jenkins are retiring.

With so many second-rate non professionals filling our ears on TV, it is a blow to lose these men.

Berggren has been a friend of mine for more than 40 years. He’s one of those people who has done just about everything in racking except sell funnel cakes. Everything he’s done, he’s been good at it. He actually was a racer. I used to jokingly call him “The NASCAR modified champ of Rhode Island.” That state has no racing.

A great journalist, he ran both Stock Car Racing and Open Wheel magazines. Those were his salad days. Both publications were top notch and had some of the best writers in the business contribute.

He and friends Lew Boyd and Bruce Cohen enacted The Spring Sizzler at Stafford Springs, Conn. It was a booming success.

Berggren is familiar to many of you as a pit reporter on FOX. He does it with great expertise and works his great sense of humor into it. He is well liked and respected.

Berggren just turned 70 years old. He really doesn’t look it. He will be paring down his activities after this week’s Dover TV telecast. He will remain active in racing. Whatever he chooses to do, he will make his mark. Our sport is fortunate he picked it as his vocation and avocation. Best of luck, Richard.

Jenkins is a pioneering anchorman. He and the late Larry Nuber started doing racing coverage when ESPN debuted back in 1979. I always enjoyed their commentary as they seemed like two guys having a great time at the races. Too many of today’s “mouths” seem to have their own agenda.

Jenkins was at home covering both NASCAR and Indy car racing.

He spoke eloquently but with passion and humor. Jenkins is one of the few to realize that he was spending several hours in our homes and made each “visit” pleasurable.

Jenkins hosted the radio network coverage of the Indy 500 for years and when the Versus Network began to cover Indy racing, he became the anchor. It was a pleasure to hear his voice again.

Sadly, Bob’s wife is ill and he chose to retire to be with her. This is a tough loss for us. I speak for thousands of people who enjoyed his professionalism all these years.

We wish Bob, Mrs. Jenkins and the family all the best. He is a true pro and a real gentleman.

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