KERCHNER: Schuchart Is Doing More With Less

Logan Schuchart possibly does more with less than anyone racing regularly with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. (Chris Seelman Photo)
Mike Kerchner

CONCORD, N.C. — When covering the world of motorsports, we sometimes get caught up in the hype and spend far too much ink touting the achievements of the best of the best.

Far too frequently the best of the best are at the top of their segment of the sport not only because they have talent and hard work, but they have the best equipment money can buy.

In championing the efforts of the Jimmie Johnsons, Kyle Larsons, Rico Abreus and Donny Schatzes of the motorsports world, we often overlook those who do more with less.

One such driver is Pennsylvania-based World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series racer Logan Schuchart. Schuchart and his Shark Racing team, which is owned and operated by his legendary grandfather, Bobby Allen, does a lot with less, fielding two full-time cars on the nomadic circuit.

The 24-year-old Schuchart is in his fourth season on the road — sometimes literally — with the World of Outlaws.
And he’s having his best season with three victories already through Memorial Day, including monumental triumphs at Ohio’s Eldora Speedway and The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

This success is phenomenal considering the fact the Shark Racing team consists of a skeleton crew of little more than Schuchart, his teammate Jacob Allen and ole “Scruffy” himself, Bobby Allen.

Schuchart’s May 26 victory at Charlotte came after a textbook slide-job pass of Brad Sweet with less than two laps remaining, giving the team a victory only two days after it was stranded along the highway for the second time this season.

The Shark Racing outfit has spent more time sitting along the side of the road than some of its competitors have spent traveling on it.

The team’s well-traveled toterhome broke down en route to New Jersey’s New Egypt Speedway. After being rescued by East Coast racer Todd Rittenhouse Jr., Schuchart finished 11th at New Egypt.

Then, after spending many hours and even sleeping on the floor at a truck stop, the team’s rig was repaired and they arrived at The Dirt Track at Charlotte with time to spare.

“We’ve got a lot of people that stand behind us and that put these race cars on the track,” Schuchart said. “I just have a lot to be thankful for just to be in this position, to race in Charlotte and with the World of Outlaws.”