HEDGER: The Long Look


BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. — Not surprisingly, we’ve been fielding inquiries about the status of our annual SuperFans contest ever since NSSN evolved to the current Internet format.

And we have even received a couple of entries recently, all without having mentioned it over the late stages of the racing season as usual.

At first, it seemed like it would be difficult to get the nation’s premier race goers organized as well as in the past. But with the steady growth of NSSN.com and encouragement from longtime sponsor Tim Frost and the National Speedway Directory, we’ve decided to give it another go.

Longtime readers and participants know the basic rules for SuperFans but we’ll review quickly for newcomers.

We count only “real racing,” which means no bikes, trikes, dirt bikes, go karts in the backyard, horses, marathons or anything else along that line. The basic rule is that if you wonder if it’s “real racing” as you put it in your log, it probably isn’t. We separate the people who pay their way in, or amateurs, from the press pass and sanctioning body people who we classify as pros. Please indicate when you send your totals which group you’re in and if you’re involved with the media, please indicate who you’re affiliated with.

Beyond that, it’s good to hear what tracks had the best and worst shows, which speedways have shown great improvement or gone off the deep end, your favorite events of the year, the best and worst food you encountered and any other highlights of your 2011 racing season.

We will also need your e-mail and standard mailing address so that the management at National Speedway Directory can contact the winners to arrange for them to receive their prizes.

Entries can be sent electronically to [email protected] or by standard mail, with the latter going to 17402 SE 77th Helmsdale Court, The Villages, Fla., 32162 after Jan. 10.

We’ll try to get the results online before SpeedWeeks, as usual, so keep an eye on your calendar and send your results along accordingly.

Good luck to all!



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Ron Hedger
A veteran of nearly 40 years with SPEED SPORT, Hedger has also covered auto racing for the Schenectady, N.Y., Daily Gazette and was a contributor to Stock Car Racing and Open Wheel magazines.