BROWN: Tonight, I Am A Fan!

Brian Brown

Editor’s Note: Former Knoxville Raceway track champion Brian Brown will be writing a daily blog for during the 53rd running of the FVP Knoxville Nationals. Here’s today’s installment. Brown will not race tonight, but hits the track for the first time Thursday.

By Brian Brown

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — It is nice to be able to go to the Knoxville Nationals and enjoy it as a fan. It is such a great event.

Here we are, it is 4 o’clock in the afternoon on the first day of the Knoxville Nationals and we are doing an autograph session, but just to see as many people who are as passionate about this sport as I am to come out and watch a full field of cars is pretty cool.

It will be interesting to see what the track is going to do. The track crew has done a wonderful job the last week and a half with the 360 Nationals. I’ll be watching what the track is going to do and sitting back enjoying the action. It is not that often that you get a night off that you can just sit and watch.

For 360 days, this is what we have been working toward. Everything we do from the shop until on the road every night, it is all about preparation for the Knoxville Nationals and making us better for this event.

I am really excited about being here and hopefully having a good night tomorrow and having a shot come Saturday night.

I’ve always run the Thursday night program. It seems like the track is a little bit slicker that night and we go pretty good when it gets slick. I think it is an advantage for us to go the second night. On the first night, the track tends to be more narrow and it can be difficult to pass. Points are tough to get and you have to be as fast as you can every time you hit the track. You need all the points you can get and that’s why we like to race on Thursday.

Having been here all week is an advantage for us. Whether you are coming here six or eight times through the year, anytime that you get track time is always good. You come here for the 360 Nationals and the Cappy Classic and Oskaloosa, if you are able to get on the track every night, it makes it that much easier to get your mind right.

I believe if you are here all week, you won’t be showing up here overwhelmed by the surroundings. You can treat it like it is just another night.

The only difference is Saturday night when they hand out a six-foot trophy and $150,000 to the winner.

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