LONDON: The Racing Journal

There is no doubt that Indy car racing is in a bad state. There has been little growth. While the Indianapolis 500 seems to be drawing more fans again, the rest of the circuit is idling in neutral.

O’LEARY: Hoosier Pit Pass

What does it take to become a successful sprint car racer? What is the most important thing that a young driver needs to learn in order to advance from the role of hoping to get a good starting spot in a heat, hoping to get an easy track, and hoping to make the feature, to one who not only makes the features, but is a threat to win every time they unload?

KALWASINSKI: Chicago Chips

With the New Year upon us, let’s do a review of track and association champions from in and around the Chicagoland area.

BURNS: Around The Track

The last time a Ford team won the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship, it wasn't even called the Sprint Cup.

TAYLOR: The New Earnhardt Jr.

Sunday was Daytona 500 race day. What NASCAR fans had been waiting months for was finally here. A calm first 38 laps were run before the rain came - lots of rain.

Wright Was One Enduring Character

FISHERS, Ind. It was the first work day of the New Year, and the first light of dawn seemed to add to the gray of...

WADE: Expect The Unexpected

Just about the only constant throughout the NHRA season was the public quarreling between drag racing’s two super-team owners — Don Schumacher and John Force.

OURSLER: The Rambling Road

On Friday, the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series will stage the first ever sports car race on the grounds of Indianapolis Motor Speedway as part of NASCAR’s traditional Brickyard weekend.

WADE: NHRA’s ‘Fixing’ Isn’t Helping Pro Stockers

The NHRA’s unsinkable Pro Stock class has weathered all kinds of “fixing.” 

ARGABRIGHT: Are The Big Boys Running Out of Money?

The big boys are running out of money. Slowly, surely, steadily, like the sounds of a clock: tick, tick, tick …

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