LEMASTERS: The Rise Of Sim Racing

The next world-beating driver used to be found at a local dirt track or pavement bullring, making his bones by winning feature after feature until someone noticed.
Keith Waltz

WALTZ: A Tour Of Indiana’s Short-Track Heritage

During our annual journey to Indiana for the holidays, we stopped at 16th Street and Georgetown Road to check out Hoosier Thunder: Indiana’s Short-Track Heritage at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

MARTIN: Networking Led To IndyCar Sponsorship

In business, never underestimate the value of networking.

KALWASINSKI: Chicago Chips

Three members of the Chicago racing fraternity — Dave Roulo, John Kennedy and Bill McEnery — died recently

SHAMPINE: West Coast Supermodified Racing Is Struggling

It’s no secret that supermodified racing on the West Coast has struggled mightily over the last decade. Car counts have dwindled, interest has suffered and the economy has hurt.

KERCHNER: Remembering Greg Hodnett

All of us who have been fortunate enough to make a career in motorsports know the dangers that come with the sport and that the phrase “here today, gone tomorrow,” is very much part of reality.

ARGABRIGHT: Missing Dave Steele A Year Later

It was a year ago that the shocking bulletin coursed through the racing community, one of those moments that you will forever recall where you were and what you were doing when you got the news.

KENNEDY: The History Of Ascot Park Raceway

“Kings of Speed – Ascot Park Raceway 1957-1990” was the title of a tribute to the long-gone, but not forgotten SoCal race track in Gardena.

SHEHEEN: Danny Lasoski’s New Protégé

National Sprint Car Hall of Famer Danny Lasoski hasn’t given up on his own driving career, however, he will be working full time with youngster Mason Daniel this season.

RODDA: Doing Things For Free

Imagine a traveling series promoted by two dedicated people who do all that they do for free.

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