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MARTIN: Davidson Bids Adieu To IMS

The beginning of Donald Davidson’s career at the Indianapolis 500 coincided with what many consider the Golden Age of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.
Adam Fenwick

FENWICK: From Hickory to Bahrain

A Hickory Motor Speedway track champion has competed in Formula One.

ARGABRIGHT: Schrader’s Come Full Circle

Ken Schrader’s racing experience has come full circle.
Mike Kerchner

KERCHNER: Chase Elliott Eyes The Chili Bowl

Chase Elliott secured his first NASCAR Cup Series championship in November.
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WALTZ: Bacon Eyes Little 500

During an interview for a feature story that appears elsewhere in these pages, we learned about three-time USAC sprint car champion Brady Bacon’s plan to race in this year’s Little 500 at Anderson (Ind.) Speedway.
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LEMASTERS: What Will Johnson’s Legacy Be?

Legacies are funny things. Consider this: The 2016 Daytona 500, won by Denny Hamlin, was a typical season opener for the NAS­CAR Cup Series.
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SHEHEEN: Gratitude For 14 Years Of Supercross

I live for Supercross on Saturday night.

BOURCIER: Racing’s Finer Vintages

Sooner or later, the best days and nights become chunks of time. Spend enough years around this sport and you find yourself no longer breaking things down by seasons, but by clusters of seasons. 
Ralph Sheheen Mug

SHEHEEN: Bonneville & A Dodge Daytona

In 1971, Bobby Isaac and his Harry Hyde-led crew towed their winged No. 71 Dodge Daytona to the Bonneville Salt Flats and set 28 land-speed records. 

RODDA: Stockton Is The Racingest City

Iowa was once named the racingest state, an honor that did not include an explanation as to its qualifications. 

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