KERCHNER: Standing With Bubba

Outraged! Enraged! Appalled! Saddened. Heartbroken. #IStandWithBubba!

RODDA: Tough Times For Promoters

Promoting a short-track is never easy, but when a show is a big success the rewards for a promoter aren’t just financial.

FROST: Procedures & Guidelines Are The Key

This month we will examine how the sports industry plans to reopen for business following the lengthy shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

KENNEDY: Irwindale Speedway Gets Back To Racing

Racing at Irwindale Speedway returned Saturday for the first time since Feb. 1 with a six division, eight main event program for competitors and pit crews.

KNUTSON: Things Can Change In A Hurry

Like much of the world, Formula One was on lockdown in May, but that didn’t stop a seismic shift in the F-1 driver market from taking place during a very short period of time.

WADE: The Future Of NHRA’s Multi-Car Teams

Although he has said, “There’s a good chance I probably won’t be around to worry about it,” Cruz Pedregon does try to envision what the NHRA will look like in 25 years.
Adam Fenwick

FENWICK: Facing The Consquences

Bad decisions have consequences.
Bruce Martin Mug

MARTIN: The iRacing Era In Motorsports

There will come a time long after racing returns in front of spectators when fans will look back at a period when real race car drivers competed against each other in virtual reality.
Ron Lemasters Jr.

LEMASTERS: Racing Will Overcome & Adapt

Now that the racing season has been sliced, diced and pureed by the domestic health emergency known as the COVID-19 pandemic, what will be left when the engines finally start cranking and the action resumes?
Mike Kerchner

KERCHNER: It’s Time To Go Racing

As the calendar turned to May, motorsports began to roar back to life.

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