Bristol, Babies and Bridesmaids


It has been a busy couple of weeks in NASCARland for the Diva with the Dirt. I am afraid I have gotten behind on keeping you up to date, but I am going to correct that right now!

Congratulations to Scott Speed, driver of the No. 82 Red Bull Sprint Cup car and his wife Amanda on their July 18 wedding. From what we have heard, the wedding was beautiful. However, according to, there was a slight bump in the road down the aisle. Apparently Speed had a confrontation with one of the bridesmaids, leading to the dismissal of that bridesmaid and the subsequent departure of the other four fine maidens.

I am not sure what kind of feud with your groom can result in your bridesmaids boycotting your wedding, but I guess the marriage can only go up from there.

I did make the trip to Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway, and, as usual, the pre-race show that topped all others. Having the drivers all come out to songs of their choices was a great and fun idea. However, I think there could have been a little more diversity in song choices. How many AC/DC songs can possibly fit NASCAR drivers that weren’t even born when they were originally recorded?

It was also nice to see a sold-out race for once this year. If I was a NASCAR fan and could only afford one race, Bristol would definitely be my first choice, so I can totally understand the full parking lots, seats, and long lines at the bathrooms.

A few celebrities were spotted as well. On top of the No. 48 Lowe’s pit box cheering on Jimmie Johnson was actress Angie Harmon, former Law & Order television star. I believe she was more excited than any fan in the stands. Every time the cars went blazing past, she stood up, jumped up and down and waved her arms around. It was interesting to watch someone with that much enthusiasm. She also had her eagle eye on her husband, former NFL star Jason Seehorn. With some of the gorgeous females roaming the NASCAR pits, I don’t blame her keeping an eye out.

This past weekend was the last without a Sprint Cup race until Thanksgiving. Many took the time to rest while others took family trips or worked on their honey-do lists.

However, Jason Burdett, car chief on the No. 24 DuPont Chevrolet, was a little busier. Jason and his wife, Rachael, welcomed their son Ethan Michael Burdett (9 pounds, 8 ounces) into the racing family Aug. 31. I am sure not only are the proud parents were relieved to have the healthy baby here.
Despite the economic conditions, team owner Rick Hendrick had been keeping his pilots on call during race weekends to fly Burdett home at a moment’s notice. This was not only costly for Hendrick, but it also shows why he is one of the most sought-after owners to work with.

Speaking of Hendrick Motorsports, Jeremy West, rear-tire changer for the No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet has been sidelined for six weeks due to an pit crew injury-related back surgery. He was replaced by Michael Atwell starting at Bristol. We wish Jeremy a speedy recovery, and can’t wait to see him back jumping that pit wall soon!

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