Public Forum – Sept. 29, 2010


Love The Mods At Loudon
I am writing to thank Speed for broadcasting the modified tour race from Loudon, N.H. I don’t drink the NASCAR Kool-Aid, except for the modified flavor, and modifieds at Loudon are a big reason why.

Also, to Mike Joy, thank you for your kind words about Wade Cole. I was in high school in the late ’60s, going to Riverside Speedway in Agawam, Mass., every Saturday night when I became a Wade Cole fan.

He doesn’t win and he doesn’t finish all the time. But he’s there and everyone who made fun of me for rooting for him, I make fun of them now because their drivers don’t race anymore. There was Wade, 14th and on the lead lap!

Mike Joy, Dick Berggren and modifieds go together like peas and carrots.

David Henderson
Orange, Mass.

Remembering Ed Adair
Enjoyed Dave Argabright’s memory article of Ed Adair and the CORA Midgets in the Sept. 1 NSSN. He brought them to Berlin Raceway in Marne, Mich., many times.

As I started to read Dave’s article I wondered if he would mention Ed’s cigar. Yes, he did. Ed always had that unlit cigar stub in his face. I also remember he and his wife Jane’s devotion to their golden retriever, chained to the bumper of their car in the infield.

As the Berlin track announcer at the time, Ed was helpful, giving me background information about each driver.

Rest in peace, Ed.

John Shipman
Grand Rapids, Mich.

A Good Racing Rivalry
I’m from Tipton, Iowa, a short 200 miles from Sun Prairie, Wis. A small field of midget cars and top-notch drivers put on a 50-lap dandy Sept. 4, 2010. The bumping and banging between Brad Kuhn and Darren Hagen was uncalled for, but entertaining.

The dispute, in my opinion, was just hard racing. Running at these speeds on a rough track inches apart, things happen. My father, just an owner with Ned Hoyle driving, raced at Sun Prairie in the late ’40s and early ’50s.

Many things similar happen weekly. I remember at Rockford, Ill., Chuck Marshal and Danny Kladis stopping on the backstretch and fisting it out. They both became friends at a later date.

Brad and Darren, put this behind you and let’s go racing side by side. My next midget race is the Chili Bowl in January and I hope to see you both there.

Brad, in the pits after the 50 lapper and as upset as you were, your kindness to the fans and particularly the very young kids was fantastic. You signed autographs, posed for pictures, etc.

Darren, I wasn’t in your pit, but I’ll bet you were doing the same. Proud of you both. Let’s go racing!

Ronald Wingert
Tipton, Iowa

IndyCar, Take Advantage!
IndyCar is in the best position it can ever be in to take what NASCAR is throwing away through greed and that pathetic Chase: Fans in the stands, TV ratings, overall interest and maybe even drivers.

Instead, IndyCar continues to try and be Formula One by pushing parking lot races down our throats. America is a speedway racing country. IndyCar racing was built on speedways. More than half the schedule is on parking lots.

Embrace Randy Bernard? Give me a break. He’s dropping great tracks, ignoring others in favor of more parking lots and more foreign races. If you want IndyCar to be top-of-mind with fans and sponsors you need to add races, not cut the schedule.

Seventeen races? That’s not a racing schedule. If you want people to know what you are, what you do and who is doing it, you need to put yourself in front of them more often, not less.
Racing costs too much? Get rid of the computers and the engineers and let race car drivers race.

Get rid of the overly expensive chassis and engines and get back to racing on speedways.

Larry Limbach
Decatur, Ill.