Public Forum – Sept. 15, 2010


He’s No Jack Hewitt!
I see where Kyle Busch recently won in three divisions at Bristol, Tenn. That’s nice, but I remember Jack Hewitt winning all four divisions he competed in at Eldora and it didn’t take him three days to do it. Maybe Kyle should try the modified race also.
Ben Oliver
Las Vegas

Embrace Randy Bernard
It is time for all of us Indy fans to rally around and support new IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard and his team. He is the engineer of the train that is on the right track, headed in the right, positive direction.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride. Have faith that this man is the answer to the future of IndyCar racing — if not now, when? If not Randy, then who? Have faith. I honestly believe God placed Randy Bernard in our midst to straighten out IndyCar racing. Have faith!
Linda Willareth
Bettendorf, Iowa

Everyone Should Chase
I suppose everyone thought NASCAR was finally going to get it right when it announced that it was going to let drivers go at it this year. It seemed like a dream come true to me.

A few of them tried it and now find themselves on probation for the rest of the year. So much for that idea.

I am watching fewer and fewer races just because I try to do everything I can to keep from being bored to death. I really started watching fewer races when NASCAR came up with the Chase.

What a boneheaded idea that was. Tell me again how that works, because I must have missed something. My guy can be in the Chase, but because he is not in the top 12 he has to pull over to the side and let anyone in the top 12 in points pass him? Come on!

I like the idea of racing until the last 10 races without any points. Let them race hard, spin other drivers out, etc. Hey, if they spin someone out, don’t they know they’re going to get it back? It’s common sense that they will and that will do the job of controlling the drivers.

Quit treating the drivers like a bunch of kindergartners. I want no probations for any drivers. No points before the last 10 races so everyone can be in the Chase. And while we’re at it, get rid of that lucky dog rule (another boneheaded idea).
Jack Charles
Avoca, Ind.