Public Forum – July 21, 2010


Traco And Mauri Rose
I enjoyed the piece on “traco” and Jim Travers and Frank Coon written by Bob Gates in a recent issue of National Speed Sport News. While Gates did a good job of covering their career in a brief article, he did not mention that they had worked for three-time Indy champion Mauri Rose.
Bill Chester
Bryan, Texas

Missing From The List
After reading Ye Ed’s column from the July 7th issue, I have a few thoughts regarding the NASCAR Hall of Fame candidates.

First of all, the list should include Chris Economaki. It should also include Smokey Yunick, John Holman, Ralph Moody, Bob Colvin, Cotton Owens, Les Richter, John Cooper, Jim Hunter, Frank “Rebel” Mundy, Herb Thomas, Marshall Teague and Joe Weatherly, to name a few.
Jack L. Martin
Pittsboro, Ind.

Move On Mr. Hornish
I’m surprised that Roger Penske hasn’t readjusted the seatbelt in the No. 77 Mobil 1 Dodge that Sam Hornish, Jr. has been driving, not racing.

Going from fifth fastest to a 24th-place finish at Chicago isn’t very good. Maybe someone could locate a slant six or bring some young driver from ARCA to mash the buttons.

I wonder what Mobil 1 has to say at the Monday meetings about the poor performance.
Jim Schmitt
Liberty, Mo.

A Few Suggestions
Here are my suggestions to improve NASCAR.

First, reduce all Sprint Cup races by 20 percent in length — call it a “green” change, but really to reduce boredom. Second, a full-time Sprint Cup driver can run no more than three Nationwide races in a calendar year.

Third, change The Chase to include the top 20 drivers with 10 Chase races. Run separate races for The Chase drivers at 40 percent of the normal weekend race length. The last two drivers in each of the first five Chase races are eliminated.

Count points in the last five races for the championship. The remainder of the Sprint Cup drivers run a second race at 60 percent of the standard length on the same day.
Rick Reynolds
Lynchburg, Va.

Eating Hot Dogs?
I believe NASCAR officials were out at the hot dog stand instead of watching Saturday night’s Nationwide race at Gateway Int’l Raceway. Carl Edwards has gone way out of bounds and officials have their eyes closed. He will kill someone if NASCAR lets him continue in his childish maneuvers.

His first stupid move was where he was 156 laps down and caused a horrific wreck, and officials looked the other way. He should have been fined heavily and parked the rest of the season. Then Saturday night, he “intentionally” wrecked the driver who was about to win the race. Again, why are drivers not punished for such atrocious acts?

That move was intentional. Look at it. Look at the equipment he ruined. He must be stopped. As for his sponsor, Aflac, they should look seriously as to whether they should continue to get this BAD publicity. Soon to be an ex-NASCAR fan.
Don Meacham
Fresno, Calif.

That’s Twice
It’s official. Carl Edwards has now tried to kill Brad Keselowski twice. When will NASCAR put a stop to Carl’s psychotic behavior? Sure, Brad bumped Carl a bit at Gateway, but once again, Carl showed that he has no control over his emotions.

This is truly getting scary. Edwards obviously needs some counseling and NASCAR doesn’t seem to care. Why did Edwards even receive the checkered flag at Gateway? Reed Sorenson should have been flagged the winner and Edwards should be parked once and for all.
Ken Bagenstose, Jr.
Temple, Pa.

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