Public Forum – Aug. 25, 2010


True Love
Few broadcasts lately have given me greater pleasure than listening to Mike Joy and Dick Berggren announce the NASCAR modified race at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway Aug. 18. Thanks gentlemen for extending your love of the series to us.
George Andrews
St. Auburn, Wash.

A Dodge Bomb
I bet the sound of the bomb going off when the Miller Lite Dodge blew its engine at Michigan Int’l Speedway had Dodge’s racing director running for cover.

You can’t win races with parts that give up. But don’t go to Fiat for help.
Jim Schmitt
Liberty, Mo.

No Rush Here
The website for the Sprint Bandits said the race at I-80 Speedway Aug. 16 was rained out after the program of heat races and qualifying races was rushed through.

That wasn’t what those on hand experienced. There was a delay of an hour waiting for an ambulance.

I have driven to I-80 Speedway, which is 180 miles each way for me, three of the last four years to watch the Sprint Bandits and after the red flag, this year was the first decent attempt at running a program in a timely manner that has been made.

Making the teams return to the track for the feature later in the week is ludicrous. The teams should have been paid off for starting in the feature and not asked to spend hundreds of dollars to return there.

A little ding in the pocketbook may help track management see the importance of running a show in a timely fashion.

Unlike the other trips I have made to I-80 Speedway, at least this time it was not 5 a.m. when I got home.
Merrill Jacob
Meriden, Kan.

Sing It Properly
There is no way that the people in charge of who sings the National Anthem at the NASCAR events hear beforehand how it is going to be sung

It would seem that NASCAR would be so embarrassed that it would try to do better. It seems to get worse all the time. The more high profile the professional, the worse they butcher it. Please sing it like it should be sung! Kids usually do best.
Bill Wendt
Cape Coral, Fla.

Another Year
Enclosed you will find payment for another year of NSSN. It is a blessing to have such a paper, as some of these local newspapers stink. They have no information on open-wheel racing. They seem to only have news on stock-car racing, which is simply because it is a demo-derby style of entertainment with lots of empty stands.

We were blessed with a trip to the Belleville (Kan.) Nationals and except for the hot weather, it was one of the most exciting Belleville races in all the years we have been going. There was no bickering or talk of payback or taking someone out.

Every driver was polite and the drivers and crew members were more than happy to chat, and we could all pronounce one another’s names.

Most of these drivers and crews talked about upcoming races at Knoxville, Springfield and DuQuoin. That is why you work your way through the ranks and real race fans know these drivers should have a chance at the Indy 500.
Curt Wright
Lawrence, Kan.

Master of Puppets
It seems that two puppets broke their puppet strings and spoke their minds on issues of concern. Bad-bad puppets.

NASCAR said, “We need to control your behavior and remarks and to do that we need to install, at your cost, new $50,000 puppet control strings. This should help to control your feelings and remarks.

“Now, get back into your high-speed billboards and keep everyone happy.”
Don Robinson
Hendersonville, N.C.

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