Public Forum – Aug. 11, 2010


Cup Drivers Have To Go
For a few years now I’ve been watching Cup drivers setting and breaking all sorts of Nationwide Series (Busch Series) records. This group of drivers includes Mark Martin, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch.

When all is said and done there most certainly must be an asterisk next to the names of these current drivers in the Nationwide Series record books.

Sam Ard, Tommy Houston, Tommy Ellis and Jack Ingram did not have multimillion-dollar Cup teams behind them, nor did they have huge sponsorship packages. It’s not fair to the original Busch Series drivers if we lump them in with the current millionaires club of drivers.

Had Ingram, Ard, Houston or Ellis driven for Joe Gibbs or Jack Roush, I’m sure they would have had even more victories. Let’s not forget what these guys did for the sport and let’s not disrespect them by comparing current Cup drivers to them and their accomplishments.
Ken Bagenstose, Jr.
Temple, Pa.

The Good Old Days
I used to be a big IndyCar fan, but I have followed it less and less each year. I loved it when Foyt or the Unsers would battle. Or how about guys like Sneva or Ongais? These guys battled on the track. Gone are those days.

I watched the ending of the Edmonton IndyCar race over and over and can’t believe that good, hard racing is called blocking and then you black-flag a guy racing for the win. It’s absurd.

I am neither a Castroneves fan nor a Penske fan. I really don’t have a favorite anymore, but come on! What kind of cheap call was that in the Edmonton IndyCar race? IndyCar, maybe you need to get off of the makeshift road courses and get back to the oval tracks where IndyCar was established.

Why don’t you ask A.J. or Al or Bobby or Tom or Danny about the good old days, when people loved their racing and watched it religiously. Quite frankly, at this point, I could care less if I see another Indy race.

IndyCar leadership, if you don’t want someone to win an IndyCar race, just don’t let them race. Save the money and give the trophy to the guy you want to win.

Right now racing, in all forms, is hurting. Just look at the empty seats at a NASCAR race or an IndyCar race, or even at many local short tracks. IndyCar, you folks are doing nothing to help the cause of supporting the sport that many of us love.
J.S. Long
Pickerington, Ohio

Owners Need To Fix This
I was glad to hear that some car owners had a meeting about NASCAR. It has been long overdue. Week in and week out NASCAR races are 400 miles or, here and there, 500 laps on very short tracks that take four to five hours to complete.

I could not imagine sitting in the stands that long. Hell, trying to watch on TV is a total bore. Watch the start, check in on the middle and the last 10 laps. Also, the green-white-checkered rule is very costly at a lot of tracks, but for the fans it’s OK.

That needs to go away before the IndyCar Series takes over as the nation’s top racing series.
Arnold Edgar
Coatesville, Ind.

Looking For Answers
I have been a race fan for more than 50 years. I am disturbed and saddened by recent events. I have two examples.

I realize Indy is a big place, however the number of empty seats for the Brickyard 400 was astounding. I read that Gateway Int’l Raceway near St. Louis might be for sale. The local paper said the owners could never create enough interest in NASCAR or other events to make it worthwhile.

Many parts of Indy are not good for overall viewing and some of the races are boring. The St. Louis Cardinals play 80 games here and average 40,000 or more many times, yet one NASCAR race a year is lucky to draw 30,000.

You can’t blame all of it on the economy. Maybe someone can figure out how to make racing more exciting. I hope someone out there has answers.
T.L. Everham
St. Louis

A Preference For PRI
If the Indianapolis city fathers had any forethought, they would have built facilities to hold the huge PRI Show instead of Lucas Oil Stadium. IMIS, another regional show for local folks. The real business is in Orlando.
John Julis
Riverside, Calif.

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