Letters To The Editor – March 9, 2011


Pick Your Partner

I have been waiting all winter for race season to start. I have followed all kinds of auto racing for 50 years. The last two years I have had to settle for TV and my friends because of health reasons.

I saw the Shootout, Nationwide race and the 500. I didn’t call it racing, I called it finding your dance partner. Later on in the season that guy doing the pushing is going to get impatient wanting to lead. NASCAR has lost lots of fans. It has to take a look at this two-by-two dancing or it will lose more.

Mickey Felix, Camp Dennison, Ohio

A Few Random Thoughts

Why are we fans putting up with teenage race car drivers? Aren’t there child labor laws? Let kids be kids. Are they really mature enough to handle the risks involved?

If Formula One does return to the USA, please make the track have at least one hill. Question for Bernie Ecclestone: When was the last time a Formula One driver (Jenson Button) was escorted away from a car full of robbers (Interlagos) or there was a civilian political uprising (Bahrain) in Indianapolis?

Why doesn’t Frank Kimmel have a Cup ride? He’s a nine-time ARCA champ. Instead we get 15-year-old developmental drivers.

For those that can’t let the ALMS vs. Grand Am thing go, how about an end of the year three-hour run-what-you-brung race at Utah? The winner finally gets bragging rights.

The Chase sucks, so does the NHRA Countdown. How about we fans write letters to them (NASCAR and NHRA) and tell them that?

John Bilski, Dover Plains, N.Y.

Ruining Nationwide

The Cup cavalcade has officially begun to ruin another Nationwide Series season. I didn’t watch the Phoenix race and with Kyle Busch leading all 200 laps, I’m glad I stayed away. I can see it now — the final 2011 Nationwide Series top-10 in points will contain a single victory within the group! NASCAR, you’ve made me hate you all over again in 2011.

Ken Bagenstose, Jr., Temple, Pa.

No More Pontiac

After watching two Pontiacs race in the finals in the Pro Stock division at the NHRA Winternationals on television Sunday, I rushed out on Monday to buy one at my local Pontiac dealership, but I couldn’t find one!

Don Dunbar, Defiance, Ohio

A Contact Sport!

I am a huge NASCAR fan and have been for many years. I would like to address the article written by William Harmon (Dec. 8).

First of all, I disagree about NASCAR not being a sport of professional status. I would love to see any number of American people jump in a car and race it at close to 200 miles per hour for hours at a time, inches apart. Not to mention the condition the drivers and crew must be in.

Also, I don’t think that fighting is professional, but I don’t think Mr. Harmon fully understands the roots of NASCAR as well as the heat of the moment confrontations that come with any sport. It is called adrenaline, excitement. You see this in every sport, not just NASCAR.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the way Gordon or Burton handled the situation they had. Grow up and be real, Mr. Harmon. Racing is a full contact sport and always will be.

Robert Eltz, Sr., Hunlock Creek, Pa.

Remember The Old Timers

We need to remember our old timers. One such driver lived alone after his wife died and one day received a visit from a local racer’s PR person.

The old timer spent the afternoon proudly showing his scrapbooks and trophies. He had been waiting for this day for a very long time. If you have some time to give make sure you give it to an old timer, thanking them for what they have given to racing in the past.

Robert Brooks, Lakewood, Ohio

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