Introducing Blowback!


Got a RANT? Need to VENT? Something got you SIDEWAYS? Just want to tell us how WONDERFUL we are? Back in the day, readers sent “Letters to the Editor” and National Speed Sport News published the best of those.

These days, that’s just not fast enough. So we created a new section on our website we call BLOWBACK. Send us your comments, rants, raves or kudos via social media (@NSSNOnline on Twitter or and we will try to respond. Also use the hashtag #blowback when tagging your social media posts.

We might even feature your comments in our new BLOWBACK section on our homepage. We’ll update the section often with the latest rants, raves and comments. Here are a few examples:

From Facebook reader Alan Olinger, who commented on the story “Getting To Know Kyle Larson”:

“Sooo sad he is going to NASCAR and not Indy.”

NSSN Says: The truth is NASCAR has a much more organized developmental system for talents like Larson, whereas it is much harder to break into IndyCar racing these days without deep pockets. Regardless, we think he will be successful no matter where he races. He is just that good!

From Facebook reader Neil Moyer, who commented on the story “Stewart Spins, Kaeding Wins”:

“Spinners ain’t winners!! Stewart brought big crowd, tho…”

NSSN Says: Even the best make mistakes every now and then and Tony Stewart is no exception. The key is making the sure spin/win ratio is pegged closer to the win side!

From Facebook reader Robert Melvin, who commented on the story “Kimmel Ties Katona’s ARCA Win Record”:

“Somehow you know the late Iggy Katona is smiling at Frank Kimmel’s accomplishment. Katona loved ARCA and motor racing.”

NSSN Says: Iggy Katona was a great racer and so is Frank Kimmel. We’re sure if Katona could have picked anyone to tie his record, Kimmel would have been at the top of the list. The question is, how long will it take Kimmel to claim the record all for himself?

From Twitter reader Rick Swarts, who commented on the story “Three-Wide Starts At Pocono & California”:

“That’s not a good idea at Cali!”

NSSN Says: Three-wide anywhere is generally considered a bad idea, but these are some of the best open-wheel drivers in the world we’re talking about. If anyone can handle it, they can. Either way, it’ll certainly be a spectacle when the field roars into turn one!

Let us know what you think by commenting below! We might just use your rant in the next BLOWBACK column.

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