KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

Does anyone find it at least a little bit ironic that in NASCAR’s new point system the maximum number of points a winning driver can earn is 48?

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

Changing the NASCAR points system will not improve television ratings or attendance at the tracks. But NASCAR officials just won’t face the facts that the races are not as interesting as they once were

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

The only better ending to Wednesday night’s Chili Bowl feature may have been if the driver — Damion Gardner — who flipped across the finish line, would have won, not finished second to Donnie Ray Crawford

BAKER: Add A Dash Of Foreign Flavor

Motorsports is a big “stew” of various forms of racing and individuals from around the world. Diversity is the spice of life – and of racing.

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

During a recent housecleaning project, members of the NSSN staff unearthed a copy of the 1950 NASCAR rulebook.

FENWICK: Eager Beaver!

It has been a particularly long off-season for us here at the National Speed Sport News office, and while we all enjoyed our vacations and days off, most of us are ready for the racing season to kick into high gear once again.

KERCHNER: New Year’s Heat Race

Dave Darland and Jon Stanbrough banging wheels while racing for the lead is priceless whether it be indoors on New Year’s Day or outdoors during Indiana Sprint Week

BAKER: Setting Some Goals For 2011

With New Year’s just days away, everyone is probably thinking of resolutions and setting goals for 2011, but what about goals for the upcoming motorsports season?

FENWICK: Favorite Photos From 2010

Being an avid photographer, we typically carry our camera everywhere. As a result, a majority of the photographs found in our personal collection tend to be of the racing variety.

KERCHNER: Christmas Eve Friday Morning Heat Race

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton shoving each other on the backstretch at Texas Motor Speedway in November. Good stuff from two guys perceived to walk the straight line