LONDON: Remembering Bruno Brackey

It’s easy to call just about anybody a “legend.”

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

We miss the Copper Classic at Phoenix Int’l Raceway. While we know the fourth Copper on Dirt was last weekend, there was still something about the four-division open-wheel event on the one-mile oval in the desert. But for those who just like Phoenix, four NASCAR stock car divisions will be on track at PIR this weekend

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

Hendrick Motorsports may have pulled off the coup of the next 20 years when it signed 15-year-old driver Chase Elliott, the son of Bill Elliott, to a contract. Elliott may be the closest thing to a “can’t miss driver” auto racing has seen since Jeff Gordon 20 years ago.

LEMASTERS: Daytona 500 Won’t Be Boring

NASCAR has already tweaked the plate size after last month’s test, and has now cut the intake openings to eliminate the two-car trains that we saw Saturday night

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

Thanks to the late Crocky Wright, a great friend of open-wheel racing, the 64th annual Night Before the 500 midget race at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis is scheduled to pay a whopping $20,000 to the winner

LEMASTERS: Godspeed, Mr. Carnegie

The voices I heard growing up, in order of importance, were my parents, my grandparents and Tom Carnegie. Having been at the Speedway before the gates opened on many a spring Hoosier day, I heard, “Good morning, race fans!” booming out of the millions of speakers. To me, it was sweet music, even if I could barely keep my eyes open

FENWICK: New Scott Film Pulls No Punches

NASCAR historians know Wendell Scott well. A pioneer in every sense of the word, Scott was never the sort to look away from a challenge. Perhaps that is why NASCAR, a strictly white sport during the 1960s, seemed like such an intriguing idea for this African American man from Danville, Va.

KERCHNER: Friday Morning Heat Race

It was great news this week to hear that Cristiano da Matta will return to big-time racing this season, driving for Paul Gentilozzi’s Jaguar team in the American Le Mans Series. It’s been a long road back for the Brazilian driver after he almost died following a crash where his Indy car hit a deer while testing at Road America in 2006

LEMASTERS: The Next Best Thing!

Remember last year, when we in the media anointed Denny Hamlin as the Next Big Thing? He was going to end this pesky Jimmie Johnson reign and hasten the dawn of a new day in NASCAR

BAKER: Reestablishing Fan-Girl Status

A surprise reunion of two beloved drivers brings back forgotten memories and feelings of nostalgia.

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