I just read that NBC is putting together a reality show about NASCAR. NASCAR and reality? What a concept!

Have you seen that almost nauseating promo NASCAR puts on their “Drive for diversity” efforts? Who are they kidding? White men can’t even get rides.

The latest victim seems to be Justin Allgaier. This is a real shame. Not only is this young man a great prospect behind the wheel but an attractive one otherwise.

The fact that Penske South can’t secure a sponsor for him must be worrisome to many other car owners. I would sure hate to see Allgaier become the Boston Reid of 2010,

Mike Kerchner and I have both championed the efforts of Bobby Santos III. To me he has a brilliant future. He won the NASCAR Whelen Modified title this year in which he also won on the USAC midget circuit. A generation ago, owners would have been waiting in line to sign him up. Like I wrote in my column, a few weeks ago, there may not be a rookie in Cup racing next year.

There are no rides among the “elite” car owners and NASCAR has it set up so a new

team has little chance of making races every week.

The outpouring of support for Shane Hmiel must be very comforting for his family. I receive E-mails about him every day and Facebook is full of Hmiel inquiries. As one who has done hospital time, messages of cheer are very encouraging.

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