C.J. Greaves Scores A TORC Triple

C.J. Greaves and Keegan Kincaid battled throughout Sunday's TORC PRO 4 event at RedBud MX. (TORC Photo)

BUCHANAN, Mich. – C.J. Greaves scored victories in three different divisions, including the headlining PRO 4 class, during Sunday’s TORC: The Off-Road Championship event at RedBud MX.

Local racer Ross Hoek started on the pole and grabbed the early lead. Behind Hoek on the first turn Scott Douglas slid wide and brought Johnny Greaves with him into the outside vertical dirt wall below the announcer’s tower. The accident affected Johnny’s driver’s side tires, eventually forcing him to pull off at the competition yellow with two flats.

But before the damage reached that point, Johnny made his way to the lead. Keegan Kincaid dove to the inside of him on some loamy braking bumps in the most aggressive move of the race, but Johnny wouldn’t give up the lead just yet. The two briefly brought each other off the track, allowing C.J. to make up significant ground, but the running order remained the same.

Later on the same lap, Johnny pushed wide in an off-camber left turn, allowing Keegan to zip inside for the lead just before the competition yellow. Johnny sped to the hot-pits to get his two flat tires replaced and dropped to the back of the field.

C.J. Greaves and Kincaid would separate from the others in a great second-half battle. C.J. made a quick pass on lap six, but on lap eight Keegan got back by him in a repeat of his earlier pass on Johnny. Unfortunately, Kincaid suffered a fuel pressure issue with just three turns remaining, and C.J. was right there to make the pass for the win.

“He (Kincaid) hit a hole on the last lap so hard. I just thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna just go around that,’” said Greaves.

“That was a fun battle,” said Kincaid. “We had a fast truck and on one of the last corners the fuel pressure started dropping on me. Couldn’t buy any luck today. Was going to win it, but things like that happen. That’s why they call it ‘racing.’ We hope to put ‘er back on top at Crandon.”

Coming back from last position to third was Johnny Greaves, who battled a stuck throttle, two flats and a jack that broke during the competition yellow tire change effort.

C.J. also collected victories in the PRO Mod UTV and PRO Stock UTV. He is thus far unbeaten in the PRO Stock UTV division, but his victory in Saturday’s PRO Mod UTV event was his first in that division.