SCORE Finalizes San Felipe 250 Results


“We had to hold the results in Class 1, Class 10, Class 21 and Class 24,” the SCORE Competition Review Board (CRB) said in a prepared statement. “While there were many penalties, we view them as minor, yet costly as it determined the final outcome in several classes, including the three overall wins. It is our goal to protect the integrity of the sport and to ensure the racers are all competing under the same guidelines.”

Providing a more detailed explanation, the SCORE CRB statement elaborated: (Many racers elected to make their own interpretation of rules regarding lines that could be taken and how far they could stretch a line from the main course itself). “The primary areas of concern during this race in San Felipe were where competitors chose to ‘straight-line’ the course and in some cases missing checkpoints and virtual checkpoints. A course deviation was assessed with a five-minute penalty. Missing a virtual checkpoint (VCP) was assessed a 10-minute penalty. The attention was focused on infractions with racers that were able to gain a competitive advantage by deviating from the course by double the allowable distance, or more.”

“The check point 2 area received the most penalties, in which 24.8% of the 177 race finishers ‘straight-lined’ it, missing it by over 1000 feet and were assessed with a five-minute penalty. Another area of concern was between VCP19 and VCP 20 (virtual checkpoints) where racers took a faster route between the two VCP’s deviating more than 1000 feet from the course. Racers were allowed 500 feet deviations on either side of the course, and were penalized when the deviations were excessive. The line between VCP21 and VCP22 was straight-lined by 22% of the 177 finishers, leaving the allowable 1000 feet corridor by more than 800 feet. The area between VCP47 and VCP48 was also critical as 14.6% of the 177 race finishers left the sand wash and re-entered the sand wash thus cutting off a section of the course.”

“While it was the intention that the sand washes would be ‘open’ it was not the intention that the racers would leave the sand wash and re-enter at another location thus ‘straight-lining’ VCP’s in the process.”

“Moving forward,” the SCORE CRB statement concluded, “we are developing software to speed up the review process with the ultimate goal of providing the racer with an immediate review from SCORE upon finishing the race.”

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