Rally America Title Fight Rages On


That STPR victory sets up an interesting scenario for Ken Block. If he is able to drive to an overall win at the next three remaining Rally America rounds he WILL win the Rally America National Championship by a single point.

As it stands each overall victory awards 22 points to the top spot and 17 points to second place. Each driver is allowed to toss their worst event result. Assuming Ken Block wins the next three events, and both Higgins and Drew dropped their worst result (Block drops the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood DNF and Higgins drops the STPR third place result), Block will win the Rally America title with 113 points to Higgins 112 points.

“Going into STPR I actually wasn’t aware of the mathematical possibility that I was still in contention for the title this season,” said Block. “We did have a bunch of bad luck mechanically the first half of the season and I’m happy that we were able to put that behind us with the win at STPR. Obviously I still plan on going as hard as I can for the remaining races to try and win the Championship this year and this news only helps motivate me further.”

It is worth noting that Higgins and Block still need to keep an eye over their shoulder as other drivers lurk to derail this scenario with their own dreams of taking an overall win.

Indonesia’s Rifat Sungkar has proven in just his short time with Rally America that he has the skills and machinery to make it on the podium. Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard have not given up on returning to the U.S. rally stages and are currently signed up to compete at the New England Forest Rally, the next round of the Rally America National Championship on July 26-27 in Newry, Maine. The New England Forest Rally was previously won by Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard with the Subaru Rally Team USA taking second place.