Mint 400 Welcoming Baja TT Spec Trucks

Baja TT Spec Trucks will join the Mint 400 field. beginning in 2020.
Baja TT Spec Trucks will join the Mint 400 field. beginning in 2020.

LAS VEGAS – The Mint 400 will invite the current group of Baja TT Spec truck racers to compete at the Mint 400 beginning in 2020.

The Baja TT Spec Truck Class allows for up to 40 inch tires, a 525 horsepower engine, and underdrives and will be a stand-alone class within the Mint 400, bringing more racers to the already massive field of entries. The Mint 400 will return to Las Vegas on March 3-8 next year with racing on March 6-7.

“It’s been awesome to see the rise of the 6100 Spec Truck Class over the years in the Best in the Desert series and at the Mint. But there are 30+ teams racing in Baja that don’t currently have a home here in the US. We’re happy to invite them to the Mint next year so they can battle amongst one of the largest classes in off-road racing. All of the details and specs for this and all classes will be coming soon in our official rulebook – but if you currently race in a Baja TT Spec truck you will qualify for this new class,” said Mint 400 COO, Josh Martelli.

The 6100 Spec Truck Class is one of the strongest classes in off-road racing and it allows for the thrill of top-level competition within a reasonable budget. The 2019 Mint 400 featured forty-five 6100 trucks battling within the field of 549 total entries.  With over eight constructors building vehicles for the class, including Jimco, Geiser Brothers, TSCO Racing, Mason Motorsports, Brenthel Industries, Camburg Engineering, Armada Engineering, and Herbst/Smith Fabrication, the class shows no signs of slowing down.

“It has always been our goal to use The Mint 400 as a way to unify desert off-road racing. That’s why we added Class 11, two Vintage classes, the Rally UTV class, and this year 20 classes of motorcycles. We have wanted to invite the Baja TT Spec Truck racers to the Mint for years,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.  “These teams and this class are an important part of our sport. We welcome all racers to come battle in the largest, most competitive field in off-road racing next March.”