California Team Set For Dakar


APPLE VALLEY, Calif. — Eric Vigouroux Racing has announced their participation with two new developed pickup trucks in Le Dakar 2014 in collaboration with Jefferies Racing.

Experienced French pilot Eric Vigouroux will team up with American off-road racing ace B.J. Baldwin. The new pickup truck has been designed and built in cooperation with Jefferies Racing.

The pair will drive the latest and technically most advanced desert racer, the EVR Proto VX 101 Rally Raid Concept, powered by a LS7 Corvette Racing engine, coupled to a Fortin sequential gearbox.

“After several seasons with my Chevrolet Silverado for top honors in the past years we have decided to develop and build a totally new race truck,” Vigouroux said. “Based on our experience, Jefferies Racing has constructed two competition vehicles. Despite Dakar 2014 being the first real competition for the EVR Proto VX 101 Rally Raid Concept, our goal is to show the world the potential of our team.”