Heikkinen Tastes Rallycross Gold


MUNICH – After a silver medal in Brazil and a bronze Saturday, Toomas Heikkinen finally won a gold medal in a Global Rallycross event on Sunday during X Games Munich.

Liam Doran and Tanner Foust won the silver and bronze medals.

A wild first turn saw Sverre Isachsen’s Subaru get bounced on two wheels, while Heikkinen and Doran managed to clear the majority of the carnage. Brian Deegan pulled off shortly thereafter.

Heikkinen began to pull away from the field, while a tight battle still commenced in the middle of the pack. Mattias Ekstrom and Townsend Bell fought aggressively for fifth place, while Ken Block remained on track and charged past multiple cars. Meanwhile, Foust’s rear bumper began to drag in the middle of the race before eventually falling off.

At race’s end, Heikkinen crossed the line first, nearly five seconds ahead of Doran and almost ten seconds ahead of Foust. Ekstrom, Steve Arpin, Bell and Guiga Spinelli finished behind them on the lead lap, while Isachsen completed nine laps and Deegan completed one.