Deegan Scores In Vegas Off-Road Romp


Clark did all he could to hold Deegan at bay, but his lead was still too vulnerable, and Deegan got by on the outside out of turn five, just ahead of the white flag.

On the final lap, further disaster hit Clark as his left rear gave out too, and out of turn four, Kimbrell and MacCachren were on him like sharks on a helpless seal.

MacCachren dove to the inside of Kimbrell into the final corner, but with Clark running a center line, the room for a pass wasn’t really there. Kimbrell split right and MacCachren left, and with chunks of both of Clark’s rear tires flinging into the air, he, Kimbrell, and MacCachren went three-wide over the final jump to the finish.

In the melee, Kimbrell edged ahead to take second, with MacCachren also just nosing past Clark for third; Clark’s valiant efforts still managed to keep him in fourth.

Up front, the big winner was Deegan, who had driven away from the drama behind him.

Rounding out the top five was McGrath in his No. 2 The Water Warden/Loctite Ford.

Carl Renezeder overcame a blown motor in qualifying for the Pro 4 Unlimited class to score his second victory of the weekend. In Pro Lite Unlimited, R.J. Anderson took home top honors. Steven Greinke captured the Pro Buggy Unlimited class victory.