Restrictor Plates For XFINITY At Indianapolis

Restrictor plates
The NASCAR XFINITY Series will utilize restrictor plates as part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway race package. (HHP/Ashley Dickerson Photo)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The NASCAR XFINITY Series will utilize restrictor plates during the 100-lap race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 22.

The addition of restrictor plates is just one of three major changes coming to the series specifically for the race at Indianapolis. The teams will also utilize a taller rear spoiler and splitter package as well as aero ducts on the lower front bumper.

The new package for Indianapolis was created through in-house simulation and development and was then tested at Indianapolis last October with help from Richard Childress Racing, Roush Fenway Racing and Kaulig Racing.

“We (develop) the analytical package and come to some conclusions,” Gene Stefanyshyn, NASCAR Senior Vice President, Innovation and Racing Development, told “But then we also need to go on the track and verify this. So this approach has been a two-step approach, analytical creation of the package and then on-track verification.

“We race at 29 tracks (across all three national series) and they’re all very special,” Stefanyshyn said. “Indianapolis has a long history; it’s a wonderful track. Our objective is to give our fans the best possible show we can. We are very proud of being able to participate at Indy; we want to put our best foot forward. We believe we have come up with a package that gives us the best opportunity to do that.”

Stefanyshyn said the addition of the restrictor plates allowed the cars to run closer together, but passing was still difficult. The addition of the aero ducts, according to Stefanyshyn, should increase the horsepower differential for trailing cars by roughly 25 percent.

“We’re giving the driver more momentum from four-five car lengths back, gaining coming into within half a car length; when he gets right into that bubble, he’s still got to cross through it, but he’s carrying momentum and he can break through it,” Stefanyshyn said.